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cheating member: https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/159332.


Actually cheating members have long been caught cheating. a member has made posts in the forum, he provides evidence of screenshots of the fraudulent members. The article was written 4 months ago.20190713_124836.jpg


Just by saying Samsung is great, cheating members get a solution. Until now the fraudulent member was not banned. 4 months passed is a very long time. Why aren't members who are clearly cheating not blocked? this will adversely affect the forum because it will be an example for those who want to cheat to use it, and for those who honestly will harm Samsung, a brand as good as Samsung is not qualified to create a forum, those who honestly will leave Samsung, will go looking for other brands, for what's buying an expensive brand if you have a cheap forum, it's better to buy a cheap brand all at once because you don't need to spend a lot of money, and can understand if there are deficiencies. If Samsung Global gets a report that a cheating member in Indonesia has been banned, it means that the report does not correspond to reality, Samsung has wasted a lot of money to pay the team. But it results in poor service. your company is losing money but is being used by an unprofessional team, just to take care of the forum is not appropriate, of course it is not strange that there will be many fatal mistakes to make a big event like to new york.Screenshot_20190813-161053_Samsung Internet.jpg


there is something missing, cheating members are still cheating, cheating members get a solution.

even though it's not a question asked, but when there are fraudulent members, they can get a solution. every member who knows a cheating member will definitely be damaged and become a cheat.

green lines are a sign that someone is getting a solution.


Thank you Samsung Global for spending so much money in Indonesia for useless services.



Screenshot_20190813-161942_Samsung Notes.jpg


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I know what you want to say, but I haven't seen any cheating users here.
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