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Bear's Loveseat... just his size. "You can't brush me if I have the brush! Go ahead... I dare you to take it." The Beast thinks he's a lap-dog! Bear is my daughter's "Service Animal." And... Bear loves her very much! Bear is so happy to see his girlf...

The one you love

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My one and only love is my wife and kids, but they didn't want to be in the post so here's my dog, Smudge. Been with us for 12yrs and he's never left my side, he can be a cantankerous old man but I still love him.

Too cold outside

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I am looking forward to some warmer weather so i can get back to puppy play time outside. My resolution is to have lots of puppy play time and get in shape, its the only exercise i get. #NewYearNewYou

Posted by: shady
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Water Buffalo

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Water Buffalos are a humans next best friend, they are friendly and they are loyal to each other and to their owner's.

Posted by: Tenesae
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#Action with live dinosaur 🦕, contest

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First time entering contest.Fingers crossed!This is at the universal studios in California. There is a person inside who controls this raptor, with sound and movement effects. Good luck to all! Filmed in 4k and had to post in HD resolution due to 25M...

Posted by: Bing
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