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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

I just want to warn potential Canadian buyers about a number of things to consider before buying the Samsung Watch Active 2. Much of the the advertising on the Canadian site is false. The watch does not sync properly with myfitness pal (sporadic at b...

Posted by: HJCan
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Vraiment excessivement difficile à comprendre Android par rapport à Apple?!?! Quoique j'ai déjà vu mes photos en diaporama 24 heures plus tard j'essaie de revoir le diaporama mais c'est impossible je lis finalement qu'on ne peut pas visionner le diap...

Posted by: manly
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S Members - Suggestions (July 2019)

The new update for S Members (released July 7th 2019) fixed some of the known bugs in the app, but I also wanted to list some things that are still needed to be improved or be changed. These are for the mobile app on my Tab S3 so maybe some of these ...

Posted by: ZMAHD
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I just saw that a certain member here has every single post and comment liked by two ghost accounts. These accounts are unused, except for following that member and liking every single post he ever published.That seems suspicious but I don't want to ...

Samsung Members

I used to have a Galaxy J5 last year! Living in Cuba it is a little difficult to get a Samsung phone! On my J5 I never used Samsung Member. Just one month ago I got the Galaxy S8 and opened Samsung Members the first time!!! I am really surprised to h...