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I'm not one to post pics from the gym. I always disliked when people took up mirror space to flex out lol one time I watched a guy take a pic of a 95LB weight and then proceeded to pick up a 15LB weight lol everyone's got to start somewhere just dislike the fake flex🤣 So instead here is my Samsung Health breakdown for the day!


Today was my Chest/Triceps day and boy am I dead. 

This is my Chest/Tricep Routine:

10 minute HIIT warm up on Treadmill
Cycle: Chin up - Leg Lift (3 Sets)
Core Workout (5 sets)
21 variant of Skullcrushers (3 sets)
Bench Press (3 sets) 
Cycle: Chest Fly - Tricep Extensions (3 Sets)

Hit the mats
Push Ups (As many as you can)
8 minute Ab routine
Plank for 30 second 

20 minute cardio!

Quick Tip for the day: Chin Ups

Ditch the assisted chin ups, I never gained any progress with it or it took too long!

My buddy trained me and his tip was to go to the regular chin up bars. Pull yourself up as high as you can and then hold that position for as long as you can. Each timed hold is a set. You'll get higher and higher until you can do one full pull up! Once you get up a full time hold it there but if you feel you can drop and get back up enough to hold it again then do it! It sounds like a long grind but it took me about a week and I was doing full chin ups. This is coming from never being able to do chin ups ever to doing them in a week! Set a goal for how many you wanna do in a set, and kinda gauge yourself. If you know you can only do 5 then on the 5th one, hold yourself up at the top on the 5th one. Tricky to explain but hope it helps 😊

I'm currently on my grind back to hitting 10 per set as I was out of the gym for awhile. Currently maxing out at 6 chin ups and maintaining a 10 second hold at the top of 6!💪

Believe in yourself and don't be shy! Who cares what people around you think? You're there for you and shouldn't let others keeping you from your goals. More often then not, people at the gym are super kind and may even offer tips of their own or they just don't care as they're focused on themselves. So do you and achieve that NewYou! 
Hey @Jonathan34,

That's some great progress, keep it up! Also, thanks for adding that tip at the end—I'm sure many people who have similar resolutions will find it useful 😊

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You have absolutely reason because me i am doing some working in a gym and since November i lost 70 pounds and when i see someone who check himself in the mirror to flex their muscles i am telling me this guy if it was able to flex is brain muscle maybe he will not pass half a hours checking is muscles.