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My second question is also something technical, yet can affect a lot of people.

I have been browsing specific webpages that lists firmware developed by Samsung directly. The website I'm using is this: 

http://fota-cloud-dn.ospserver.net/firmware/[YOUR CSC]/[YOUR MODEL]/version.test.xml

Here's what happens when I try to open this webpage and seek information for the Galaxy Note9:

This is perfectly normal. I can clearly see that there's a U2CSI2 firmware on the server. It's been like this since a few days and I can assume that this is deemed to be the final September 2019 update build and will be released by the end of the month or in early October. It also appears to bring new features or other improvements. And joy! It doesn't increment the Bootloader fuse.

Now, here's the page for the Note10.


That's unintelligible.
I'm using these pages to maintain the Updates List. Thanks to these, I managed to keep the list updated and accurate ever since the Updates List was first published, a list which was consulted over 7000 times by forum members, and nearly 10000 times if we count the French version. Unfortunately, due to these changes, I am unable to provide update information for recent models, starting with the Note10 and Galaxy A 2019. They're notable... "omissions" in the list, and I fear that this will make the list irrelevant over time as those changes spread. Which is a shame because it provides useful information to users when Samsung doesn't provide any.

So here's my question. In fact it's three in one. Why were those changes instated? Is there a way to circumvent it? Can it be reverted in the future?

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