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As a student myself, I absolutely love heading back (unpopular opinion)! I am always looking to be more organized and prepared for the new school year and this year specifically I am going to be trying to go all digital as much as I can because it's both better for the environment and gives my work a cleaner look!

Here are some of what I am bringing back to school!

  • Tab S3
My Galaxy Tab S3 is by far my favourite piece of tech for back to school. Got it when it launched back in 2017, it's still such a powerful device especially for back to school! I used it this previous year to jot down notes, create PowerPoint presentations and when all my work was finished, watch (a lot) of Netflix! Really excited this year to show off my custom skin installation!


  • Gear IconX 2018
I've been using these for the past few weeks and they sound Incredible! I love the noise isolation and just how great they fit my ears. These will help with those long commutes and when paired to my Tab S3, they're perfect for Netflix!


  • Galaxy Watch
I've had my watch for 8 months or so and it has been my fitness tracker and man is it good! Ever since it recieved the One UI update, it's been such a great companion for exercising and keeping track of my steps. For back to school, I really hate myself for discovering this app during the summer, it's called PPT Controller and IT'S AMAZING! You connect the app to your PowerPoint presentation and you can do your presentation and go to the next slide by tapping your wrist 🤯! This makes presentations so much more professional and seemless and I can't wait to try it out!


  • Coffee
Arguably the most important part of my back to school list, this magical liquid drives me through the day 😂 for the next few months up to October, I'm going to be drinking Iced coffee or Cold Brew and then transition back to normal coffee!

These are some of the stuff I'm bringing back to school and I hope my attempt at going all digital will pay off!

  • Note10
This phone has Back To School written all over it!

S-pen for Note-taking, 256GB base storage THAT'S UFS 3!! The three cameras would be great for things like digitalising documents but also for assignments that require a lot of media input! Overall, it would be incredible for students for daily use.


  • Galaxy Book S
I know this isn't coming to Canada but I REALLY wish it did because it's the perfect laptop for students. It has enough power for all the applications I run on desktop like Photoshop and Illustrator but the reason it's perfect for students is because it's running on an ARM processor which means the battery lasts all day and that is a big deal for students that are using these devices for up to 8 hours. Another thing is the thinness of the laptop, it's super light and easy to tug around.


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Going back to school is great!

Until you get sick of it again because it doesn't live up to your expectations such as interesting content, engaging teaching, exciting projects...

And +1 on PPT Control! It's so cool on my GW