Beginner Level 3
I have never cooked before, and this is my first attempt to do so. There's no real reason why I chose to cook roast chicken, but I thought it's something we can share with each other at the dinner table.

It's been more than a month since I moved to Canada from the Philippines to finally reunite with my mom and siblings after almost two decades. No matter how messed up our lives can be sometimes, there's always a home in our families.

"Oh, I keep on coming home to you
Can’t keep myself away from
You give me loving, that good kind of loving
Oh, I keep on coming home to you"
(The Mowgli's - Home To You)

Oh yeah, they say it tasted great. If it's for the people you love, the time spend with them is already more than enough. #AnthemContestPica1d8fd20-c9b1-47c2-b912-4de7aac5afdc.jpg
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Hey @JMMallonga! Looks delicious! Thank you for participating at the contest!

- Nick