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Who's your favourite Marvel superhero?

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Hey Samsung Members! In spirit of the new Spider-Man movie releasing on July 2nd, let us know who your favourite Marvel superhero is and why! Don't forget to post in the Lifestyle section with the hashtag #MemberMondays 👍 Cheers, The Samsung Members...

One pen one tree.

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The concept is quite simple just buy a pen and a tree will be planted for you.

warmy Vancouver

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Looking forward to snow on mountains this November. It looks quite pretty whenever heading to work!I prefer rain over snow unlike the mod here haha. Easier to get to work, considering the areas not flat like Calgary. This is the view you get flying o...

Posted by: Bing
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I do not like winter. I am not one for the cold. And the unsafe driving 😂. But however I do find sometimes it can look beautiful in a picture and I do enjoy skating with my children and really love watching my children build snow forts and seeing al...

Winter !

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Live in Calgary over 20 years. Love and hate mixed in winter time.First of all, I am not a winter person since I grow up in Asia. I aways feel too cold for me. However, there are some beautiful nature photos that I took during winter. These nature ev...

Posted by: Tallman
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Winter in Toronto - Member Mondays

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I personally kind of like winter. I love the holidays, especially because of Christmas and the presents, and I love to have fun in the snow. In Toronto, it snows quite a bit and I love to take advantage of that by building snow forts and having snowb...


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I live in Alberta as well and I actually love the winter....I know I sound crazy like a true Canadian haha but I love snowboarding and the slopes open this weekend so I'm totally looking forward to that. another thing about winter is you can keep lay...

A Winter Wonderland

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With not being born in Canada but someone who has served in the Canadian Military and lived here for over 34 yrs, my 1st winter was quite the "Shock"Winter is definitely a love hate relationship for most but for me when I am on the top of a ski hill ...

Member Mondays

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I love the snow. Especially driving with all wheel drive and winter tires. Getting ready for winter with new tire setup and brakes. Sadly no snow yet in Toronto.

Members Monday

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I actually only like winter because mostly I don't get much vacation and even other people can't get out much lol. but on serious note I don't like snow. Especially I hate black ice

Posted by: SJ17
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Member mondays

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I personally enjoy winter. It the time I get to send time with family during Christmas. Although where I live we get a ton of snow. It ends up everywhere.

Posted by: Simba1
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Winter? I love winter. Especially snow. I'm eager to experience snow once again. My favourite activity with snow is sitting inside in a cozy place and just staring at the window, with a lot of snow gently coming down. There's nothing quite like that....

I'm ready for winter

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It does snow where I live and I love snow so much. It makes everything all white and gets me in the holiday spirit. Although winter does make the roads messey and sometimes extremely dangerous, there is a certain calmness to winter the makes me so re...

Posted by: Brando
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Are you ready for the winter?

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Well I live in Alberta. So, we get a lot of snow here. I love snow for few months but then it just won't stop coming for me lolAnyway here in Alberta because we get so much snow, we have beautiful views just like this!

Posted by: Jay777
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