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Who's your favourite Marvel superhero?

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Hey Samsung Members! In spirit of the new Spider-Man movie releasing on July 2nd, let us know who your favourite Marvel superhero is and why! Don't forget to post in the Lifestyle section with the hashtag #MemberMondays 👍 Cheers, The Samsung Members...

Canada Eh!

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Classic Poutine with Gravy and cheese curds over fries.Pizza and wings to complete my day!!

Posted by: Dayim
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Rehab (AnthemContestPic)

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My entry is my homemade funnel cake with ice cream and chocolate syrup on top!! I chose the song Rehab by Rihanna to describe this scrumptious dessert. When I was pregnant, I had a huge craving for this and no stores around had them so I looked up a ...

Posted by: CeeKay
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From Paris With Love

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That is my wife's and I favorite breakfast in Paris.Croissants, an omelet, freshly pressed orange juice and great Lavazza coffee.This was our last morning inParis.wewere there for our honeymoon.The coffee was delicious, and those croissants were amaz...

Posted by: Riles
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Chicken Fried Rice with Chili Chicken Gravy.

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You can prepare this delicious dish in your home with the same flavors of restaurants.Chicken fried rice is made of rice stirred fried with chopped vegetables, sauces and chicken cubes. You do not need any side dish with this delicious mouth watering...

Posted by: Jmak
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Here's my entry of some awesome Persian food I had over the holidays!

Posted by: vupont
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Food entry

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Amazing breakfast that I had at a golf club while travelling with my family at Niagara falls!!!


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I got this at Tacofino in Vancouver! really awesome place with lots of different Taco options! your taste buds will love you as you eat the various Tacos they offer. it is alittle bit on the expensive side but everyone should try atleast once !! #Ant...

Posted by: ukrall
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Turkey in the straw6

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#turkey soup#homemadewithlove#bonebrothisgoodforyou#nomsg#AnthemContestpic#perfectnoodles#gratedcarrotsfromthegarden#itreallylooksliketurkeyinthestraw#ihopeIwin#goodluckeveryone#s6cameraskickass

I got the salmon

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This is one of my favorite homemade dishes I like to make.Baked Maple Salmon with rice and red kidney beans chili style.The salmon is marinated for 30 minutes in Maple syrup, soy sauce and garlic then baked for 20 minutes. The rice, long grain white ...

Posted by: Cprice
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