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Who's your favourite Marvel superhero?

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Hey Samsung Members! In spirit of the new Spider-Man movie releasing on July 2nd, let us know who your favourite Marvel superhero is and why! Don't forget to post in the Lifestyle section with the hashtag #MemberMondays 👍 Cheers, The Samsung Members...

hot off the line

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This is a picture of my step son in his final race at the canadian motocross championships in the 50cc class. it's his first year racing. hes a little ripper. the second photo is the original just to get an idea of the colors involved. also we have m...

Action shot / Video

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a short Video of a Lav shooting. I have pics too. its 25mm cannon. can shoot up to 2.4 km ish depending on what type of ammo you use.

Posted by: Habsfan
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Samsung Community Members #noteart

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So, I thought of putting together something that makes up the Samsung Members Community. Then add elements related to the contest. I used Penup to do the drawing. It was alot of fun and tiring at the same time. 😅I worked on this idea since the begin...

Posted by: Vic20
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Note Art Peacock

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Well you can clearly see how talented i am with Arts but hey it was fun drawing beautiful bird with S Note.

Posted by: Jay777
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NBA LEGENDS @ Samsung Experience Store

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If your around and around downtown Toronto come see us and enjoy the game with Legends.. we have a couple special S9/S9+ cases.. For those not able to attend/not in Toronto.. like and comment below we'll select a few to send a case to..

Posted by: Steve01
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#SuperSlowMo Lighter🔥

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I was able to record this slow mo on my cousin's S9. I caught the start of my lighter igniting which looked really cool in slow mo.

Posted by: HP15
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Frivolous fun!

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I took a picture of a beautiful scarf gifted to me from Pakistan and am using it as my Wallpaper! I got lucky and found free icons to match! Show me what'cha got!