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Fortnite Dance Contest Prize!

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Hey!Just wanted to give a huge Thank You to Samsung Members and the Moderators here for selecting my submission as one of the top 5 entries! Just received my prize in the mail which consisted of the Galaxy Man Fortnite Case for the Note 9 and a Samsu...

fortnite dance contest challenge

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Hi Samsung team , thanks for arranging game challenge and dance contest. Its lots fun to participate in the event.Here my dance finally , theme of the dance : celebating the south Indian victory.Video taken from note 9 and created gif through s-pen. ...

Posted by: Krishna
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Boogie Down on the competition

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I don't really play on mobile but I managed to nab a kill and style on the competition before dying ๐ŸคฃGot em with the six shooter and then used the Boogie Down emote to style on em. I'll definitely try to get some more footage and better kills before...

Fortnite Contest - Mod help requested!

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Hey, quick question about the contest. Are we supposed to do the dance ourselves and film it with our Galaxy devices to be eligible or just simply screen record a dance from within the game? Or are both ways eligible?I've been seeing a couple of scre...

Fortnite Official Themes!

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I haven't put a theme on my phone in so long but I was customizing it and stumbled upon official Fortnite themes from Epic Games!They have 3 different ones as of right now and they're all pretty fun!If you're a fan then head over and check em out!

Samsung x Fortnite Gaming Event @ SES Eaton Centre!

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Had the opportunity to play at the SES for the Fortnite competition! Loved it, we got food and overall made some new friends! I made it the final round and then lost at 19th place ๐Ÿ˜ž but overall amazing experience! Can't wait for another event to hap...

Posted by: ZMAHD
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