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So i bit the bullet and updated. I knew what it was like as i was able to test it. It ain't that bad. I'll live.

But i did face trouble with my wifi so i thought i'd post what i did in order to fix it.
My wifi is pretty bad and i connect to an older router so it may have just been coincidence. But, due to the fact that the device just received a major update and not being an entirely fresh copy as you would get in a new phone, it makes sense that you'll need to tidy up a bit in order for things to run as intended. You can do this if you are not facing any issues as well. When or if Samsung changes to an A/B style partition system it should eliminate all or almost all problems that arise in the future.

You will lose all saved wifi passwords. Make sure you are able to recover any connections you need and don't do this unless you are certain you will be safe if you must rely on a wifi connection for whatever reason. 

Ok so here it is. Simple.

Go to settings-> General Managenent-> Reset
Choose Reset Network Settings
Then hit the reset button. Wait a few seconds and you will see a pop up confirmation. Swipe down to toggle off wifi in quick settings. Power OFF your phone.

Now, with your phone off, you'll do a special restart into recovery mode. Hold your phone sideways so that your thumb and index finger comfortably rest on the volume UP and Power buttons. Got it? How? Your phone is off how can you read this?
K, so then you'll want to press and HOLD volume UP, then press the power key. Continue holding for a bit until a new screen pops up. It'll say updating and you can release the buttons. After Android guy falls over and croaks, you'll be presented with a slick menu straight from 1979. Use the volume buttons to navigate to Wipe Cache Partition. It's 1979, touch screens aren't out yet. Now, use Power to enter the selection. You'll get a warning, and may need to use volume to scroll to Yes, and once again Power will enter your selection. Now, same idea, navigate to reboot and... that's it.

When your phone turns on you'll only need to re-connect to any wifi networks you use. So, turn it on again and re-enter your password(s).

The first time you view your photo gallery it will be a bit slow because the thumbnails need to be generated again. Afterwards it'll function normally and fast.

K. Go play on your phone
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how did the A8 get a telephoto camera option but the S9 didn't with Pie lol