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I has now been 2 updates since I have lost the ability to connect my Samsung A8 to my Fitbit Charger 2 via Bluetooth.  


When I first complained they tried all those wonderful tips and trick of restarts, data whipes, forget connections and reset up those connection restart the phone and restart the fitbit to no avail.


what I'm saying        Samsung     ---   Please have your techs look very closly at the bluetooth funtions since the last 2 updates because what ever was removed or added has created a living breathing frustation for all of us effected by it.


The Phone is new (Jan 2019 ) the fitbit (Dec 2017) both are taken very well care of.   If people can not trust that you are making a product that will connect and talk to the devices of there chooseing then why would we continue to buy Samsung.      


I like Samsung, have for years, It was my second phone (Galaxy Ace) and I was hooked to the point that we had 3 of 4 ppl in the house who owed it, and we still buy Samsung .     But this issue is taking to long to fix and I really does NOT seen to be anything Samsung is seriously dealing with.


   Samsung when can we expect a fix or should we be moving across the street to the competor 

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Utiliser la traduction intégrée 😉🐧
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I think it might be only your phone. if none of the recommended tips work go to the Samsung experience stores
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Hey @Samsung_XiATuSp,


I'm sorry you're having such a tough time trying to connect your Fitbit to your A8... I agree this should be a simple process, and these technical difficulties don't reflect the enjoyable Samsung experience we strive to provide.

I'd just like to reassure you that the devs are aware of these ongoing Bluetooth issues and are hard at work engineering a fix! If you'd like to assist in their efforts (and possibly expedite the process), please submit an error report through the Members app. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:


Alternatively, if you'd like to have a technician look at your A8 in person, you can visit your nearest Samsung Support Center: They may be able to provide a solution.




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this has happened to me as well. they want me to send in my phone for two weeks! what am I supposed to do?????