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Hello I have some suggestions for Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018):

These suggestions and ideas are for a possible One UI 2.0 version for all Samsung devices running Android 9 Pie:

 - One UI 1.1 Update with latest features and improvements

 - Kernel Updates and Improvements 

 - Battery Life improvements to fix any battery fast drain problems and add new optimizations and fixes

 - Privacy Guard Feature 

 - Framework Improvements 

 - A new type of Software Updates which doesn't focus only on Security Updates but on the all System itself

 - Wi-Fi improvements and new features

 - Call Recording feature

 - Screen Capture feature

 - Advanced Security

 - A new EROFS file system (also known as "Extendable Read-Only File System"), which helps to improve the smoothness of all Samsung Smartphones. It claims that the random read speed is 20% higher than the EXT4 file system, up to 63.3MB/s, to ensure that the system is not only fluid but also saves space. Plus, the read-only memory design isolates outside interference for added security in your system files.

 - API Improvements

 - Performance Improvements

 - GPU Turbo which increases gaming performance and battery

 - Battery Repair & Optimization tools

 - DNS Protector Feature which adds extra protection and security to your network

 - Better Updates and Support

 - Digital Wellbeing and Bixby Voice/Routine features

 - Project Mainline Support

 - Night Mode Improvements

 - Put Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) to Monthly Security List because having A5 (2017) and not A6+ (2018) is not fair, it's disappointing.

 - Software Redesign (Icons, UI) -> make them more colorful and realistic (more on incons)

 - Critical and Important system fixes

 - ART Runtime Improvements

 I expect that Software Updates should not include only Security fixes and improvements, but One UI improvements, new features and bugfixes. I am disappointed how Samsung manages its Software Updates.

It's time for them to give more support and priority to A6+ (2018) because like me, everyone wants to get faster and latest updates to include new features and everything I mentioned above. Is Project Treble used by Samsung?

All Samsung devices should be equal, because all costs money, not only flagships are important. And A6+ (2018) should get One UI 1.1 update in the future because it's not fair.

Also Samsung should give A6+ (2018) "2019 Software Updates" with features, updates and improvements from 2019 A models.

What I seen so disappointing is that Samsung give its devices new features,improvements and major changes only when a new Android version is released. Why do that? Can't you just keep working on One UI on the current Android version ? it would be better if Samsung is going to change their Software Policy and give Updates Support for 4 years.

    Not everyone may agree with me but that's the best I want from Samsung and I hope I will see these in the nearest future.

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