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Data app restrictions

Posted in: Galaxy A

How do I restrict an app from using my data, I only have 2 GB a month and it's annoying when random apps i use somehow use data when they are offline apps.

Samsung A50 Panorama

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I just upgraded from my A5 2017 to A50 yesterday. The panorama function for the camera take vastly distorted images (for example, a very noticeable globe effect). This never happened on my A5. Anyone know a way to fix it? It seems like it can be fixe...

Posted by: DFX
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No Bluetooth media in car Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy A

The Bluetooth for media is not working in my car. 2010 Ford. Galaxy A8 six months old fully updated to Android 9.0 recently. Phone connectivity is still working but on my "Bluetooth audio" setting in the car it won't play from my music player (Rocket...

no notification sound

Posted in: Galaxy A

Galaxy 8+, Since the pie update, when im connected to any bluetooth and I get any notification the sound only comes through the bluetooth and nothing from the phone, I've read on the net quite a few people with the same problem, is there some kind of...

Group chats

Posted in: Galaxy A

Does anyone know how to make a group chat where it doesn't send messages separately, and it's a real group chat? Because I dont like making group chats then having them all send in separate messages and being received in separate messages, it really ...

Pop ups

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I have a galaxy A5 2017 and evertime I'm on a app or on my homescreen I get pop ups and then when I click the tab button at the bottom left to see what apps are running I see this promotion tab open . I DONT THINK it's a virus beacuse in device optim...