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Messenget App now has ads!

Posted in: Galaxy A

Has anyone else started to receive pop up ads whenever you open messenger? I don't know what has caused this, but it is extremely frustrating. Especially since I pay for texting.

Posted by: CateMV
Beginner Level 3

A71 randomly stopped charging

Posted in: Galaxy A

Hi folks,My A71 purchased 2 months ago randomly stopped charging. Tried different outlets, plugs, on off routines etc... but nothing is working. Does anyone have any ideas that might help? Thanks

update duplication

Posted in: Galaxy A

The Google play store shows me 2 applications which require an update through the Google play store. The updated version for both Google and Twitter have the same version that I am currently running. I received an update from Samsung play store for T...

photo capabilities

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have noticed some phones have 50 optical zoom. I saw some pictures of the moon submitted and I am wondering if that is correct? Also do there owners of those phones think it takes pictures better than as digital SLR camera?

A50 won't charge

Posted in: Galaxy A

My A50 won't charge at all on any of my fast charger. And won't charge more than 77%. Anything I can do? I'm getting a new phone next week

Posted by: MEV
Active Level 3

A71 Battery

Posted in: Galaxy A

Just bought the A71 from Best Buy, and find my battery drains fast, I doubt that this phone has a 4500 capacity.....

Posted by: Al6907
Active Level 1

Samsung Bixby permissions

Posted in: Galaxy A

Android operating system allows for permissions to be enabled and disabled for apps but for some reason Bixby services prevent the disabling of permissions they remain permanent for Bixby which is not required. Why are the Bixby services permissions ...


Posted in: Galaxy A

Hi SamSung Communitywide Has anyone had problems with there Galaxy A cell latelyandHas anyone ever sent "REMOTE SUPPORT" with permission given for them to take control of you cell to find the bugs in it?Thanking You for your infoTe

Samsung Notes to Reminder

Posted in: Galaxy A

One of my favourite features is being able to take a Samsung Note and add it to a Reminder. One suggestion, I would like to offer is that when you do this, somehow the Note is modified to show that you have created a Reminder for it. Perhaps colors c...

Posted by: Tao77
Active Level 4

samsung chat

Posted in: Galaxy A

How do I get rid of this?? I dont understand how to use it and it wont let me get regular texts now. I hate the chat option.

Posted by: kmercer
Beginner Level 2

My A70 not updated?

Posted in: Galaxy A

Your service is very poor. All phones, including models lower than A70, have been updated to Android 10, but my A70 has not been updated yet.Deal with this issue faster.

Posted by: So991
Beginner Level 2