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contacts list

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have a question, I recently tried to add a new contact beginning with Dr and it only saves it under the letter F which is the 1st letter of the last name of the doctor's name. I have a couple of other Dr's numbers listed and they saved under D but ...

Posted by: ronb11
Beginner Level 2

Question about Bixby for A20

Posted in: Galaxy A

So, I didn't think this model eased equipped with Bixby since I couldn't find it in the Galaxy Store and when I searched my phone nothing came up. But this morning there was a number of Samsung apps that needed updating, one of which being Bixby Serv...

find my mobile

Posted in: Galaxy A

Is the app "find my mobile", a Samsung app? Samsung tells me it is a Google app and I should contact Google. There is a "find my device" which also on my phone and I understand that belongs to Google. Both of apps I cannot remove from my Galaxy phone...

Hasil kamera jelek

Posted in: Galaxy A

Mau tanya kenapa samsung A50 saya kameranya jelek hasilnya bluur ga jelas kalo dibesarkan. Masak kalah sama samsung lama saya grandprime loh. Kenapa yaaa..

A50 and A70 defects

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have now jad 2 LCD's and a digitizer break on my 2 month old phone. Never had an issue with a Samsung phone in the past but despite having a case and a screen protector my phone seems extremely flimsy. the second LCS, OEM part amd replaced by an ap...

Posted by: G42
Beginner Level 2

user manual version

Posted in: Galaxy A

Is there a way to view the version of the Samsung user manual?Is the update date 2019, June ?

Charging A50 overnight

Posted in: Galaxy A

I just read where they were saying not to leave one's phone plugged in overnight, that it will reduce battery lifetime. Now I know most of the charging rules for optimal life (in fact I don't leave charger plugged in overnight or for extended periods...

Network control of apps

Posted in: Galaxy A

While looking through a web site noticed that my phone which runs android pie doesn't have the same option to control Apps access to wifi or mobile network.My Android pi...

not recieving texts but can send.

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have a samsung A50 and I can call and receive phone calls. Send texts but cant seem to receive my texts?! Anyone else having this problem? How can i fix this? I checked everything on data and messages settings but I dont see anything that could be ...