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#AOD Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy A

Please tell me the use of the technology AOD . And how to use it ? Bonjour qu'est ce que l'option Aod et comment l'utiliser ? Merci

A70 photos all over exposed Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy A

Am I the only one experiencing this? On auto all my shots over exposed. Similarly the colours are quite off. Are other Samsung products the same?A friend said the same thing about hers.Anyone else make this same observation?

Phone use

Posted in: Galaxy A

When my phone rings I cannot answer. The screen shows an incoming call and the red and green phones are flashing but no amount of tapping on the phones answers the phone.Yes I can make outgoing calls.Obviously I have some parameter set wrong but what...

Use of Lanquage

Posted in: Galaxy A

I use both French and English in my daily practice. I have included both in my language setting but I cannot figure out how to change the spellcheck language on the fly.On a previous phone I could change the language on the keyboard. How low do I do ...

pictures all together

Posted in: Galaxy A

If I'm texting and take a pic, messaging and take a pic, taking a screenshot, or taking pictures to advertise a product I'm selling...or just taking a picture.....where can I set it up that all these photos go to the same folder or pictures gallery?V...

Posted by: Wally33
Beginner Level 2

Device admin apps issue

Posted in: Galaxy A

The device admin app has three apps listed. Wire, find my device and Google pay.I do not have Google played installed on my new a50 phone. Why is there and self activating?How can they be removed?

A50 upgrade one UI for october 2019

Posted in: Galaxy A

I do not see any changes or modifications since the upgrade to one UI October 2019 for the A50.The only change on my A50 phone is Android security patch version not the UI versionCan anyone describe any changes they noticed. Samsung will not verify e...

contacts list

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have a question, I recently tried to add a new contact beginning with Dr and it only saves it under the letter F which is the 1st letter of the last name of the doctor's name. I have a couple of other Dr's numbers listed and they saved under D but ...

Posted by: ronb11
Beginner Level 2

Question about Bixby for A20

Posted in: Galaxy A

So, I didn't think this model was equipped with Bixby since I couldn't find it in the Galaxy Store and when I searched my phone nothing came up. But this morning there was a number of Samsung apps that needed updating, one of which being Bixby Servic...