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photos qui s'effacent

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Bonjour,J'ai voulu classer mes photos dans des albums. J'ai donc créé des albums avec chacun leur titre et j'ai inséré mes photos dans leur albums respectifs.Ensuite pour faire de la place ( faire du ménage), j'ai effacé les photos qui avaient été cl...

Posted by: canelle
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find my device self activates

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Before and after installing security pack August 1, 2019 my galaxy phone continues to activate "find my device" without my permission. When in look at the application device care and check memory for some reason memory is used up for an app that it's...

User manual missing app information

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After installing the security patch August 1,20 2019, night mode for the camera and qr scanner was added to my A50 but the user manual found in Settings does not show any information regarding these apps.Should I expect the user manual to be updated?...


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Is anyone having problems with their time. I have a A5 2017 Samsung Galaxy and the time changed automatically to the time seen as 14:00 instead of seeing 2:00 How can I change this..?There was a way at first and now I can't figure it out 🤔I've turne...

Posted by: gingy
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Super disappointed with my a70 brand new just got it 4 days ago and the camera is so disappointing that's a big part of it for me and this phone ruined it. My galaxy a5 took better photos...

messagerie hotmail

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Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à ouvrir ma boite "hotmail-outlook" il est toujours en chargement: VÉRIFICATION DES PARAMETRES DU SERVEUR ENTRANT. J'ai un Galaxie A5 2017, nouveau pour moi. Pouvez vous m'aider svp.

Require PIN instead of fingerprint

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I have installed security patch August 1 2019 and have noticed that without touching my phone it requires a PIN instead of my fingerprint and I have not touched the screen, and the phone was not powered off based on a app that was still running. Does...

Samsun g exploding pphone

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Pleas e read d thiss below. Important. Some eone will be typing for me as my shakingg is very bad. Explained beloww Didn't want to have to do this but its imperative. On july 23rd, my Samsung Galaxy a70 got too hot to touch as said by my daughter Ann...


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I started to have problems with my A70 screen freezing after I used the Google assistant. I had my phone totally deleted and even got a new phone so I just took the app off my phone!

Posted by: McCliff
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vite de mon cellulaire neuf casser

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Ça faisait seulement 2 mois et demi que j'avais mon téléphone a50 qu'il me parle des mains tombe par terre sur l'asphalte et la Vitre casse. La garantie pour ça détecte de 30 jours. Quelqu'un a-t-il un truc pour moi à ce jour ça fait 3 mois que je l'...

problème de volume

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J'ai beau installer n'importe quelle enregistreur d'appel on entend ma voix mais pas la voix de l'appelant pourtant sur mon ancien téléphone je n'avais pas de problème mais quelque chose coince sur mon A50 est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider s'il vous ...


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I have notice since the latest update, phone to stopped giving me notifications for email. It's not receing them unless I open the outlook app. Background use is open in wifi and data and battery usage. Any help before I reset my phone? Thanks

security patch August 1 2019 information

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Is there a Samsung website informing users what software is installed with the security patch?There is a site notifying users of the security issues it addresses but I don't see anything for the additional software such as the qr scanner which was ad...

screen protector

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Hi I recently purchased a samsung A50 series I do not know if it has a screen protector, what do you think is it pre installed or I have to install? My second doubt is I read we have to charge phone 40 to 80 for batteries to last longer and I am doin...

Posted by: aswathy
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