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notification sounds

Posted in: Galaxy A

Anyone else have an issue since the last update?The sound volume is controlled by the ringtone now, not the notification setting. Which is horrible for many reasons.I like to have my ringtone turned up sometimes if I am expecting a call, but want the...

Posted by: MarFed
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Galaxay Tab A Kids Mode

Posted in: Galaxy A

My daughter downloaded some kind of kids mode on her tablet and now anytime we try to get out of it, it asks for a 4 digit code which she says she doesn't know. Anyone know how to undo this?

Posted by: Spike1
Beginner Level 2

missing yahoo contacts

Posted in: Galaxy A

when I compose an email with the samsung mail app my yahoo contacts do not appear automatically. the samsung app has been configured with my yahoo account as the default. How do I get my contacts to appear

Text message character limit

Posted in: Galaxy A

Can I set text message character limit on the A5? Seems to default to 200 (as I found only in Quick Message settings page), but not able to reduce it.I want to set it to my carrier's limit of 140/msg.Though asking that, there is no character countdow...

contact list inclomplete

Posted in: Galaxy A

When I go to contacts under messages I get an inclomplete list(literally the first 9). When I check under Contacts they are all there. What did I do? How do I fix it?

Posted by: StShe
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downgrade to nougat?

Posted in: Galaxy A

hi everyone have a A5 2017 and battery became less effective since oreo. do you encourage me to downgrade? I tried factory reset and wipe cache. thanks

Posted by: piman
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Posted in: Galaxy A

comment télécharger les photos de mes amis qui apparaissent sur Instagram dans mes photos sur mon téléphone ?

Notification sms contact

Posted in: Galaxy A

Bonjour, avec la mise à jour vers Oreo, Samsung a décidé de supprimer la personnalisation des sms pour les contacts. Cette fonction était très pratique pour moi car elle me permettait de distinguer les sms urgents, ceux de la famille et les autres. J...