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How do I retrieve my files from my LG G4?

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My LG G4 recently had the boot loop issue and after buying the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, I saw that there is a feature that allows you to transfer old files from old phones to my new phone. I tried to connect it with the USB and my A5 automatically dis...

Phone beeps randomly

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Hello,I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue.....I was using my apps like usual (I have a Samsung A5) and then all of a sudden a loud, consistent beeping goes off from my phone. It wouldn't go away no matter what I did (I tried clo...

Posted by: Dianne
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a5 2017 camera (a520w)

Posted in: Galaxy A

So on the website for the Canadian model a520w the specs say it video records at 1080p @60fps.. but all I can get from the camera is 30fps at 1080p.. talk to one of the Samsung customer support but they weren't able to help.. did Samsung false advert...

Help with Faulty Calendar

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Does anyone know how to delete that awful birthday reminder from the calendar it's just bloody cruel taunting me all the damn time I don't need That, it makes me genuinely consider throwing this whole phone out, is there a different calender app that...

No gmail notification

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I am not able to get any notifications for my gmail account unless I open the app. I have turned on notifications in the gmail settings as well as Samsung a5 2017 settings. plz help.

Posted by: tguest
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More Alarm Name Characters

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Hello Samsung Clock. I was just wondering why the clock on my new Galaxy A5 can only 20 characters in the Alarm Name field, whereas I could include many more on my old Galaxy S4. I like to include more text info with my alarms so I remember what I'm ...

Changing keyboard in Knox

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I'm using an A5 for work and all of our work items are inside of Knox. I'd like to change the keyboard to the Google keyboard from the standard Samsung keyboard mainly so that I can use the voice to text feature. For some reason the Samsung keyboard ...