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Galaxy store permissions changed

Posted in: Galaxy A

I had opened a topic call "galaxy store uses" I never used the galaxy store and had the permissions all off since it required access to the telephone and your contacts. I notice that the permissions for galaxy store had been changed. I suspect the bu...

Galaxy A3 (2017)

Posted in: Galaxy A

I had an A3 (2017) before. I loved it, especially its performance and its size. Right now, my A3 (2017) is dead, and I wish to see the newer version, but I was dissapointed as it was replaced by A6 (2018). I hope samsung will produce a small phone th...


Posted in: Galaxy A

I have a Samsung A50, for some reason my downloaded playlists keep disappearing but when I turn off downloaded only they show back up, I play my music when I am driving and want my downloaded only so I don't use my data, ,why is this happening

Posted by: Duaba
Beginner Level 2

A70 network issue

Posted in: Galaxy A

I am having a network issue with my samsung A70. No network coverage..can't make or receive calls most of the time. Have restarted my device many times but in vain. Can someone help??

Call Blocker Apps???

Posted in: Galaxy A

Need your advice on which Call Blocker app is the best. I'm suddenly getting phone calls and voice message from fraudsters and spammers.Any advice you can give me would be appreciated..

batterie charger

Posted in: Galaxy A

I'm from Canada but now I'm in Indonesia. When I charge my phone it doesn't charge at all even with an adapter . Who know how to charge his Samsung A50 in a different country ? Please help

Horizontal and Vertical Samsung A5

Posted in: Galaxy A

The phone defaults to vertical then when you open a program half the time it goes horizontal and you can't see a number of thimgs. It is a super pain in the neck.Why can't it be one or the other? Please come up with a solution

Posted by: RonC
Beginner Level 2

Emergency alerts

Posted in: Galaxy A

Can anyone explain why I still receive emergency alerts despite the fact that I've turned emergency alerts sound off and I've turned off extreme, severe, amber and wpas emergency alerts?PandaSBurlington Ontario Canada

photos qui s'effacent

Posted in: Galaxy A

Bonjour,J'ai voulu classer mes photos dans des albums. J'ai donc créé des albums avec chacun leur titre et j'ai inséré mes photos dans leur albums respectifs.Ensuite pour faire de la place ( faire du ménage), j'ai effacé les photos qui avaient été cl...

Posted by: canelle
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