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I lost my phone and signed into my notes app on a separate phone and nothing showed up. I swear I had it synced with my account. Does this mean I've lost two years of notes or can I still obtain my notes from somewhere


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I have my private DNS value configured for and the Samsung browser does not appear to acknowledge the use of DNS over TLS when tested using the cloudflare site Samsung browser acknowledge the...

problem with email Certificates

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Hi, I got a pop up telling me that my Certificate is not secure! And a security error accured, server certificate not trusted, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A5, any help would be helpful. This is my first time here I am hoping someone can help. Thanks E...

Posted by: nlgirl
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Android Auto keeps disconnecting

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I have the A70 and the phone keeps disconnecting for no reasons. It works for about 5 minutes (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) and then, it disconnects. Really annoying. I have to unplug and plug it back again, than it works for about another 5 ...

Posted by: Dabidoo
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Screenshot pop up Resolved!

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Hello everyone I 'm here because i recently got a problem with my phone "Samsung Galaxy A30". After doing an update, every time i screenshoted a pop up windows appears. I'm going to try to show you on this screenshot, it's really annoying. Thank you ...

Posted by: Amitas
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announcing callers and messages

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I recently exchanged my LG 4 for Galaxy A50 and one feature which I loved was the fact that my LG 4 would announce who is calling or texting. My A50 does not seem to have this ability. Is there any way I could get this feature through Samsung apps or...

Galaxy A20

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Anyone else having issues with the new update and the messages app where it keeps saying failed to register when trying to get the new chat setting feature?

Samsung A50 Resolved!

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I updated the software two weeks ago and I just got another notification for another update. Is this ok?

Night mode

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I tried to turn on night mode on my A70. but got a message that I could not use night mode while"themes" are on. How do I turrn themes off.

partition tz

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Dear All,I have a Samsung Galazy A70. My samsung ask me to update it and I acepted it. After it finished the update I have an error in the display saying: "partition tz Reason tz: Hash of data does not match digest in descriptor. [2nd] (3)

Posted by: SA70_CV
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