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Samsung should push the latest update such as one ui 2.1 and 2.5 to all the samsung phone that can support that as soon as possible because the software is stable already and can be use by the Samsung smartphone..... Everyone are waiting for the upda...

مقارنه ف نظري

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دعوني اكون صريح امتلكت طيلة سنين هواتف من سامسونج وكنت فرحا بيه اكتشفت ان شركة ابل تفوقت علي سامسومج من ناحية سلسله فقط سامسومج يجب عليك ايجاد حلول ف سرعة اداء هاتفك واندمجه مع الاندرويد وتكوني انتي ف صداره هناك فرق كببر ف سرعة استجابة هاتف واندمجه م...

bought new samsung

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I just bought my new samsung which is samsung galaxy A71... i notice the video quality kind a blurry compare to my samsung galaxy j6... may i know the solution or all of galaxy A71 experience the same situation??? My old phone have a good quality pho...

Galaxy A30 Battery

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Hello, only today i got a battery problem, for some reason it discharged from 20% to 15% a little faster than it usually does, from 15 to 5 in just 3 4 minutes, and from 5 to 3 to 2 and off in just about 20 seconds, my phone is used for 1 year 2 mont...

Posted by: Prski
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Galaxy A51 now receiving One UI 2.5 update

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Some international variants of the Galaxy A51 started receiving the One UI 2.5 update over the weekend, together with the latest Android security patch level dated October 1st, 2020. The rollout started yesterday in Russia and while it has yet to exp...

Android 11 Galaxy A30

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Alguien sabe ¿llegará Android 11 a Galaxy A30? ¿Cuando llegará?🤳📲Someome know will it available Android 11 for Galaxy A30? When?🤳📲

Posted by: Icm91
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