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Charger Warranty

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I got my Galaxy A51 through my Sister's renewal plan at Globe last June. When this phone arrived, I eagerly unboxed it. Kaso when I tried to get my first use on the charger, di gumana ung power adapter. Pede sanang dalhin sa Globe store and use the s...

Samsung A71 doesn't really have Snapdragon 730G

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I just have discovered that my device (Galaxy A71) doesn't have Snapdragon 730G that it's supposed to have. I used the Antutu app not long ago, and I found out that its only Adreno chip. Its been months that I've been using this and having a problem ...

Posted by: hak30
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I think it is better if Samsung puts biometrics or passwords in opening files in trash. There are some instances where people just open my files or my gallery and deletes everything and because they knew about the trash features, they also open the t...

Software Update | Samsung Galaxy A70

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Just got the update tonight for my Galaxy A70 2019 πŸ˜‰I was surprised that when i checked the software update there is an update available. I've waited for almost 30 mins. because my mobile data is poor when at night. Finally, it's installed in my pho...

Samsung Screencapture

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I don't know what's with Samsung's Screencapture App but its sound is really waaaaaaay behind the graphics of a game or video. It's kinda-- annoying.

Posted by: ParkAe
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