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Camera app issue

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So I have bought the A11 a couple days ago and the hardware/software was fine from the start until this OTA update security patch July 1, 2020. Everything was normally functioning except the camera app, whenever i take a photo in landscape mode and v...


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How do i fix my phone's wifi? My internet is okay, and my other phone is connected to it, but this phone keeps on getting auto disconnect, and when i try to reconnect it to the internet there's no response. Please help me with this error, thank uโค


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My Samsung A11 keeps sending me notifications that my usb connector is disconnected although I'm not even using my charger, then instead of fast charging,it only says cable charging. My phone also turns on by itself after I press the power button for...

Posted by: ryangab
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Problem with Samsung Galaxy A11

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Pls help! My phone is acting weird "Samsung galaxy A11". It's popping up notifications about USB saying it's connected and disconnected even though theres nothing connected on my phone. It's popping up like crazy like every second and I can't turn of...

Apps and wifi connection problem

Posted in: Galaxy A

After I update the software of my Galaxy A30, some of my apps like notes and internet browser are not working and even I'm connected to wifi.. when I go to my youtube app it says "offline".... how can I fix my problem????

Posted by: Oshel
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System UI

Posted in: Galaxy A

Hi!Does everyone have an idea why my SD card is not wokring correctly? I tried to remove it and install it again but it is still the same. ๐Ÿ™

Posted by: vncnthn
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restart with otg

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okay lang po ba na irestart yung phone na SM A10 habang may nakalagay na OTG flash drive? hindi po ba makakasira ng phone yon o maglalag? salamat

Posted by: samgyup
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Class 0 Message Received

Posted in: Galaxy A

Hello everyone.Does anybody here knows what's class 0 message is? I received one this morning. The options you can choose is to Save or Dismiss the message. So, as it is new to me, I dismissed the message.I'm just wondering what does it mean and why ...