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Secure Folder

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Hi there, I recetnly installed an update of my operating system on my Samsung Galaxy J7 neo. My secure folder stopped working after that. My cell hangs and the following message appears. If I try to send feedback it will remain hanged forever. I have...

Posted by: Max0922
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not happy with my Samsung phone.....

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Can someone please explain how to fix the crashing issue with the galaxy j3 prime. I've already factory reset my phone, and I've called Samsung to get it fixed, but nothing!!! Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem! It only happens in game...

still crashing...

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Why why why can't samsung fix the problem with the galaxy j3 prime restarting!!! It's been over 5 months that it's been crashing. I've factory reset my phone 2 days ago and it hasn't worked at ALL. if someone can help, please tell me what to do, weat...

Bye Samsung Galaxy J series

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Samsung dropping its Galaxy J series and merging it with the A series Bringing some order to the affordable smartphone space.

Posted by: Cprice
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Canada: If you have a J3 2018

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DO NOT UPGRADE TO OREO.Canada is not getting the update. I am trying to find out why, but my carrier said is is the FCC, have not confirmed this yet. If you like your phone. Factory Reset does NOT includes the version of android that came with it. Wa...


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How do you, if possible, turn on the blinking light on the front of the phone to indicate you have messages. Or a solid red light to indicate the phone is charging?

Posted by: Cargo
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