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Unable to message Resolved!

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Hello, My problem right now is that with my j3 2018, sometimes there's a little grey gui that's pop up for 3 seconds and it says "Unable to send" and it won't let me send stuff to imessages when I have a samsung, I want to know how to fix it and make...


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Hi. I downloaded a Samsung update a few days ago, and now l lost all my pictures- anyone else have the same problem?

Posted by: techno1
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Problem with some notifications

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Since I got my J3 I don't get the notifications for some specific games. I checked and the notifications are active in both the game and the phone. Still I don't get them. I have Android 8.0.0. Can anyone help?

Posted by: Sodega
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Bonjour,J'ai installé l'empreinte dans Sécurité et je n'aime pas ça. Comment faire pour l'enlever ?Merci.

Posted by: canelle
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Secure Folder

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Hi there, I recetnly installed an update of my operating system on my Samsung Galaxy J7 neo. My secure folder stopped working after that. My cell hangs and the following message appears. If I try to send feedback it will remain hanged forever. I have...

Posted by: Max0922
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not happy with my Samsung phone.....

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Can someone please explain how to fix the crashing issue with the galaxy j3 prime. I've already factory reset my phone, and I've called Samsung to get it fixed, but nothing!!! Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem! It only happens in game...