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Find videos stored on my phone

Posted in: Galaxy J

To play videos (stored on my devices) I do this ~ on Tablet I simply scroll down to tap on a 'Videos' button. But on the Smartphone I tap on Gallery & tap 'Albums' & I get a mixture of Pictures & Videos, which makes it very difficult to find the Vide...

Posted by: bobv1
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Posted in: Galaxy J

How do I take one picture and change it into a 3D ....I somehow came across that as I was discovering my phone and I don't remember how I did it or where I saw the 3D option. I have a Samsung J20 5G.

Android 10 Update - Unresponsive Touchscreen

Posted in: Galaxy J

I just updated my galaxy j6 to Android 10. After the update, the touchscreen is not working anymore. Buttons and fingerprint are working. I already tried wiping out cache partition. Still, touchscreen is not working. I'm afraid I don't want to use fa...

A10e finally out

Posted in: Galaxy J

So... a few months after I announced its arrival for Canada, the A10e is now available here for 200$.This gets you a decent upgrade from the J3 2018, priced exacly the same.Bigger battery at 3000mAh.Better, octacore E7884 with A73 and A53 cores (up f...

Envoi de texto

Posted in: Galaxy J

Depuis ce matin, chaque envoi de texto est un échec: "Echec de l'envoi du message". On peut m'aider, s'il-te-plaît?

Posted by: Mendel
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Unable to message Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy J

Hello, My problem right now is that with my j3 2018, sometimes there's a little grey gui that's pop up for 3 seconds and it says "Unable to send" and it won't let me send stuff to imessages when I have a samsung, I want to know how to fix it and make...


Posted in: Galaxy J

Hi. I downloaded a Samsung update a few days ago, and now l lost all my pictures- anyone else have the same problem?

Posted by: techno1
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