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A10e finally out

Posted in: Galaxy J

So... a few months after I announced its arrival for Canada, the A10e is now available here for 200$.This gets you a decent upgrade from the J3 2018, priced exacly the same.Bigger battery at 3000mAh.Better, octacore E7884 with A73 and A53 cores (up f...

Envoi de texto

Posted in: Galaxy J

Depuis ce matin, chaque envoi de texto est un échec: "Echec de l'envoi du message". On peut m'aider, s'il-te-plaît?

Posted by: Mendel
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Unable to message Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy J

Hello, My problem right now is that with my j3 2018, sometimes there's a little grey gui that's pop up for 3 seconds and it says "Unable to send" and it won't let me send stuff to imessages when I have a samsung, I want to know how to fix it and make...


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Hi. I downloaded a Samsung update a few days ago, and now l lost all my pictures- anyone else have the same problem?

Posted by: techno1
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Problem with some notifications

Posted in: Galaxy J

Since I got my J3 I don't get the notifications for some specific games. I checked and the notifications are active in both the game and the phone. Still I don't get them. I have Android 8.0.0. Can anyone help?

Posted by: Sodega
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Bonjour,J'ai installé l'empreinte dans Sécurité et je n'aime pas ça. Comment faire pour l'enlever ?Merci.

Posted by: canelle
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Secure Folder

Posted in: Galaxy J

Hi there, I recetnly installed an update of my operating system on my Samsung Galaxy J7 neo. My secure folder stopped working after that. My cell hangs and the following message appears. If I try to send feedback it will remain hanged forever. I have...

Posted by: Max0922
Beginner Level 2
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