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Hello everybody,pls help me i have problem with call barring i cant access it since i do not know the password and i never create it before,so how am i gonna solve my problem

Samsung Notes with Dark Mode

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I always seem to like dark mode version, well I guess who's not? I always stay up late night and sometimes reducing the brightness to it's very low isn't very helpful. It still the same when your room is dark enough.I always have this idea to propose...

Unknown song

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Hello guys, I'm just wondering if any of you face the same issue where an unknown song that last for 0.00sec appears in your playlist. I have deleted it multiple times but then it still reappears back. I have checked the issue in reddit and some peop...


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Salut, je remercie le fabricant de Samsung Galaxy. J'aimerais demander s'ils peuvent ajouter la fonction ralentie et accélérer dans l'appareil vidéo. Nous aimons ceci.


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I recently updated my galaxy J6. And after updating to ANDROID 10 some major problems are attached to my device, i.e, Bugs My phone worked fine for two days but after that it started AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHING OFF ..I have perform HARD RESET,Used phone ...

Posted by: nitinkr
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Hi, in few months I facing ts prblm..battery charging too long ,after update will take 4 to 5 hours to charge 100%,I already put sleep all background app..after charge 100% if use 20 minutes going to 23 % anyone help me what I want to.t...

Posted by: raji123
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