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Device Charging Slowly

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My phone says that the device is charging slowly and it recommends me to use its default charger, yet that is what I am using to charge my phone. What's your deal, Samsung? Charot. Lol. 😂

Power On Animation

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I was used my Mom's iPhone 6s Plus to capture this.This is my Galaxy J6 when its turn on after update. New "Powered by Android".🙂 Have you had this animation?😁------------------Last successful updateJune 19, 2020 7:52PMSecurity Patch level: June 1,...

Updated Software

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Security patch level: June 1, 2020Size: 437 MB- The stability of camera has been improved- The security of your device has been improved• Device stability and performance• Bug fixes• Important security updates• Improved performanceI'm done with this ...

New Software Update

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This would be nice on my J6 whew🙂Improving device stability and performance and bug fixesWhat's New- The stability of camera has been improved- The security of your device has been improvedSize: 437 MBSecurity patch level: June 1, 2020

Downgrading OS from Pie to Oreo

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I want to downgrade my phone's OS but I can't find an Oreo firmware for my phone model. I tried looking up in but the bootloader number is not the same that's why it's not working. Phone information:Samsung J6+Model number: SM-J610G/DSB...

Important Security Updates📱 Resolved!

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Hello! I just wanna ask for a little bit. My mom's phone has having software update on his phone but last month I noticed there is a bagde icon to update her phone but she was terrified when the personal data has deleted. The update also contains imp...