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9hr 40 min > 11h 28 mThanks to my Galaxy J6 for my battery has extended for my phone for a while, Whew☺ I hope my phone for listening spotify and watching at FB & YouTube anyway😁 When the battery goes up to 100%. It fully charged😲

Weather - Thunderstorm

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This is our hometown here in Loon, Bohol. But in Tagbilaran City, Bohol has having thunderstorm in that city. Here in our bedroom i'll covered all the windows in our bedroom using blanket because I can't sleep at night because of this weather conditi...

Battery Usage - July 16

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Very Excellent battery performance. I was very sleepy at 6:00am and I'll don't use my phone earlier morning for the while. But the battery will not drain even it's full!😮😮😮

New Clock Feature - Spotify

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Hello!! Are you update the Clock app? I was on the Galaxy Store there's a new update that enable you to play your favorite songs using Spotify when you set up those alarms😄. I didn't have Spotify Premium because of our financial problems😞. Sorry th...