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Mobile Hotspot

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Please bring back the 'Allowed Devices' feature, that's superb.I also noticed that my connected devices doesn't have their previous names.

Analyzed storage

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Hello! What this meaning about "Other" ? Why is the "other" taking up my internal storage? I was transfering my files to my computer last month and it becomes 9.1GB and after few months later, It becomes 8.2GB last month. I don't want to restore this...

Samsung Galaxy J6 experience

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I purchased my phone last September 2018, I was very excited to use it because, it is the only smartphone I ever have till this time. The phone is really good in overall experience it doesn't lag when I'm using the data, Large space for more souvenir...

Posted by: Liling
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Charging problems

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Hello! Have you experience on your phone when i was turned off my phone last night and earlier morning i'll charge my phone and i've noticed there is a "⚠️" 53% and vibrating while it's turned off. This is a second time i've ever saw this........🙁😟...

--- Low Memory ---

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Hello! Anyone who knows about Memory on Device Care? It takes up (985MB Free) 2GB/3GB when i use apps or after been restarted. But the Storage, It was always taken up into 7.4 GB / 32GB and I've to cleared cache on those apps (i.e Facebook, Spotify, ...


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Hello, What Samsung devices compatible with SamsungOne Font? I just want it but other devices having it but my phone doesn't available SamsungOne Font🙂🙄


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Sino pong j7 pro user dito benebenta ko po cellphone case ko di ko na kasi ginagamit.

Posted by: ssenla
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Storage on my J6.

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Hi. Sorry i was concerned about this when i watch youtube, watching videos on my facebook. After few minutes ago, It will take up space quickly into 7.7GB - 7.1 GB. After i cleared cache apps, It become into 7.8GB - 7.9GB. how do i resolve this probl...