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Bixby Routines

Posted in: Galaxy Note

On Note 10+ hereSo I've just started with Bixby routines and I'm enjoying it. The default driving routine is great and even has my YouTube music subscription enabled as the "play music" option by default when I get in the car. This is great. So I wen...

Posted by: AKC
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Galaxy Note alternative

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Anyone know of any good alternatives to the Galaxy Note phones, also with styluses?The high initial cost of the Note phones, and the unreasonable accessory costs are making me look elsewhere. What about the LG Q Stylo, anyone ever tried it?

Spen glitching

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I was using my spen today and when I'm using the memo I write something I will see a pixel version of what I wrote on the screen somewhere. Should I be worried or is this just a bug(note 10 plus)

slow-mo camera Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hey samsung members tell me if you have advice about slow-mo camera because mine when u take a video it Ethier doesntbturn out or ot is so blurry. Tell me if you have advice😀😀

O2 sensor

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Very disappointed in Galaxy Note 10+, I am on oxygen and the sensor on my phone was very helpful. Wishing I hadnt made the upgrade.

Note S10+

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hey,Would anyone knows anything about the Note S10+? I lost it at my place can't find it no matter what but someone told me the phone would buzz or notify me if the pen was somewhere close to me? Is that right?

Auto rotate screen since One UI 2.0 update

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi, since the update for One UI 2.0The orientation of my screen is changing automatically in some app (Facebook for example) is my phone is inclined even if the screen orientation (auto rotate) button IS deactivated.Is there another (new) setting to ...

Posted by: k3v1n
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