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Note 9 loosing it s pen after repair

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I recently had a repair done to my note 9 and since the repair my pen doesn’t fit in as well as it should and kept falling out. It fell out the other day and broke on impact. I spent a lot of money on this phone and kindly request you send me a new p...

Colour poll results!

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Here are the results of this week's poll! The topic was "Which colour you would buy if you were to get a Note10/+? Choose one absolute must and one runner-up." When someone designated a colour as their first choice, the Absolute Must, two points were...

Bixby going crazy

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Is it just me or does bixby wake up out of nowhere. I've been watching a YouTube video and bixby has been woken up 3 times. I haven't spoken a word, and the video doesn't mention bixby at all, doesn't say hi either. Phone has been unusable since.

Posted by: Anpu
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Poll reminder - Colour Poll!

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If you haven't voted yet on your favourite Note10/+ colour, remember to do so here . Results will be announced tomorrow along with a new poll.

Note9 camera issue

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I have some issues with my Note 9 camera. When i zoom in the picture gets blurred and i can hear a motor or the lens from the Camera. Tried everything including resetting the phone. Anyone knows anything about this issue.

Posted by: djamal
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Note 10+ Pre Ordered :)

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Get a $10 a month credit with Eastlink since this is my second phone. So $240 off. They've treated me well with 8 GB for $55 a month shared with my wife's S9+. Should get a few hundred for my old Note 8 👍. No point to this post other than I'm excite...

Samsung Note 10 live wallpapers

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Download these striking Galaxy Note 10 live wallpapers! The static Galaxy Note 10 wallpapers have already surfaced online (get them here), and now, two of the live wallpapers from Samsung’s newest flagship are available for download as well (thanks t...

Posted by: Cprice
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G camera review

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I'd like to know the difference between Exynos 9825 chipset ans Snapdragon 855 They compare the Note 10 to Apple, Huawei, S10 and others for the cameras with pictures and videos there :

Note 10+ trade in

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I was looking at trading in my galaxy A70 towards the Note 10+ but under Samsung Canada trade in page I can't find A70. I would have thought they would take the A70 as a trade in since it's a brand new ish device Is anyone else able to see an A70 as ...

Samsung Dex App for PC and Mac

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Will the Samsung DeX App On PC or Mac works on Samsung S8, S8+,S9,S9+,Note 8, Note 9, S10,S10+? Or will It just for the Note 10. It will be nice if all the previous device will be supported.

Posted by: s72016
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