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Notification volume

Posted in: Galaxy Note

After setting my Note 10+ on "do not disturb" (either manually or when Bixby routines mutes the phone at midnight) and then turning "do not disturb" off, my volume level for notifications stays at 0 and does not resume its previous setting. As a resu...

Posted by: FrCraig
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Note 8 Display dark color grading issue

Posted in: Galaxy Note

As we can see, those stripes in the screen is color grading issue. This is definitely a software issue. Otherwise it wouldn't be in the screen shot. Why is this? Actions taken from my sides are:1) factory reset.2) 3rd party apps to fix pixels.3) chan...

Posted by: DIV
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Note 10 Android 10 news!!!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 10 could get stable Android 10 soon, passes through WFA The Galaxy Note 10 series running Android 10 has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance today, less than 24 hours since Samsung began rolling out the second One UI 2.0 beta for the dev...

Posted by: Cprice
Expert Level 2

UNFAIR with Canadians

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Since the beta ONE UI 2Has been launched all the major countries Also in US too Why not for Canadians!! USA Canada has no such a big difference why they haven't released any beta update yet! Come on guys we need to escalate this.we wasted 1700$ not f...

Maximize use

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I am a senior. I have a Note 8 and one of the reasons I bought one is the S Pen which enables better input than using my thumbs. I live in Scarborough (north east section of the Greater Toronto Area) and would like to learn from expert users so that ...

Blocking Calls by Country Code

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Is there a way to block calls by country code? There's been a surge in spam calls and the ones I get originate from only a few countries. Currently I use Hiya to do it, but I pay for the service and would prefer a native solution.

Posted by: Simmon
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If you know what ZSK3 is...

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I have no time to write up unfortunately but the files are up except for Canada FW.N975W only but technically it will work on N970W, except for the camera perhaps if it expects input from the ToF sensor.

new feature to be added on note10+ update?

Posted in: Galaxy Note

What I have noticed is that face unlock even works with phone upside down. Why not make display rotate completely so it doesnt matter how you pickup your phone, you can still use it to call, text, browse. Just have to pickup phone in right angle to t...

Posted by: saifmak
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Error at Tencent PUBG Mobile

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Dear.Im playing PUBG on SS note 10+ Snap, and i have a big trouble. When i tap to screen, the AIM auto moving, thats very difficult to AIM at Scope 8x, i ve tried on s10, note 9 (exynos, snapdragon) and this problem was existed. But another android a...