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Wireless Charger and Case

Posted in: Galaxy Note

A wireless charger and a Phone Sanitizer in one!!!Very handy ans useful specially to those germophobes out there or a healthcare worker..The only downside is, it only carries 10 W charging power, so I mainly use it for Sanitizing, as i Have the 15 W ...

AR Emoji update

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hello all, Anyone who like to make their AR Emoji, there is a new update. This time adding more outfits, bottoms and added masks too.Example from my AR Emoji character. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

my galaxies.. what's yours??

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Been using the S-Pen since the galaxy note 8. Joined samsung members, then i woke up receiving an e-mail inviting me to join my first ever Unpacked Event, that's when i got the Galaxy Note 10 +. Now these two are my daily drivers together with my Sam...

time settings

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Am having issues with my time setting. After setting it correctly it then later the minutes will still be ahead of my country time zone.. Pls I need help on jow to set it up.

Fold 2 is nothing short of WOW!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I have owned alot of unique phones all the way back to the Sony CMR111 back in the day. In that time I have had new phones wow and impress me as things progressed...phones like the Mate 20 X etc. The most recent have been the Note 10+ and Note 20 Ult...

call volume issues

Posted in: Galaxy Note

When I am talking to someone on the phone, they tell me they cannot hear me and I have alot of background sounds. How do I fix this issue? I have a Note 20 phone

Posted by: Jules22
Beginner Level 2

Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Dex

Posted in: Galaxy Note

So I'm have a weird intermittent issue when I connect my Note 20 Ultra to my Samsung Dex dock, for some unexplained reason, one of the pre-installed ringtones (Dance) just starts playing. There's no notifications There's no reminders There's no way f...

Works with Microsoft

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Just sharing info. If you have updated from Galaxy Store recently, the below features will available in Samsung Notes and Samsung Reminder.I know backup can backup to OneDrive. Now the other apps begin to support Microsoft programs.Samsung Notes can ...

samsung pass not working Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hello,The samsung pass app has disappeared from my galaxy note 10. When I go to the galaxy store it says "open" has if it was installed, but it doesn't open the app.What can I do? I've already tried to restart the phone.Thank you

Posted by: ik
Active Level 5

USB doesn't connect. Note 20 ultra

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I've been trying to connect this phone to my car stereo and home stereo through a type c - usb cable. Specifically to play HD music that is downloaded on the phone. When I try to connect at home the Yamaha receiver acts like nothing is plugged into t...

Posted by: NamW
Active Level 1

Keys Cafe Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi, I'm really enjoying your Keys Cafe Good Lock module. If it wasn't for this module, I wouldn't be using the stock Keyboard. So good work in releasing such an app. That being said, I have a few suggestions. Can you make it possible to edit existing...