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sign this patition plz

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Posted by: RD1
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Sign of hope!?

Posted in: Galaxy Note is the other guy who has a petition going but hes updated it with an arti...

NOT returning my note 7

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Just to let anyone know if you like your Note 7 and really can't fing anything else comparable and do not want to exchange then you don't have to, the choice is all yours. I've contacted Samsung to tell them I have no plans on returning or exchanging...

Posted by: mike88
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Petition? Worth a shot

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I decided to go forth with the petition. Let me know if I can change anything to better suit this groups needs. Hope it makes a difference it's worth the shot regardless. Feel free to pass it on.

Good Bye Samsung

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I have been with you as a customer since the SPH-i700 Windows phone (2004ish). I had the first Galaxy. I had the Note 3, 4, and finally the 7. This whole experience has brought the true definition of "customer loyalty" to light.Customer Loyalty is no...

Posted by: John204
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replacement sham

Posted in: Galaxy Note

frankly I feel samsung should give us replacement phones compatible to the 7 until a new note 9 or whatever it'll be called becomes available in the spring! Currently with this exchange plan they re sticking us with a 2 yr contract with our providor ...

Posted by: bran
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I can't believe I must call in

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I got note 7 on Rogers online. and I have to call them and wait at least 15 minutes with terrible music...sry guys... I hate that. Because it means go away if you have trouble to speak or heard...When we paid money, it can be done online and when we ...

overheating issues

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For some weird reason, my note 7 just keeps overheating while charging. I'm not sure, what's wrong. Like I don't even get to use it that much, cuz most of the time it's too hot to touch. Should I exchange it for a new one?


Posted in: Galaxy Note

does anyone have the 7 edge ? I heard it's closest to the note 7. But ive but also heard the edge part makes the phone hard to handle? so maybe the s7 would be the better choice ?