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Action Memo

Posted in: Galaxy Note

There is no more Action Memo Link To Action. Period. Which is a HUGE bummer - since it was almost a daily driver to scribble down a number, and then link-to-phone dial it. That or using the link-to-task for tasks I had to remember. Please correct me ...

Posted by: Khalid
Active Level 3

[recall] replacement screen protector?

Posted in: Galaxy Note

just wondering if there are any measures in place for screen protectors with the replacement phone? they aren't cheap and cannot be reused. I saw that Samsung U.S.A. is offering $25 gift cards, but haven't heard the status for Canada..

Posted by: sm709
Beginner Level 4

I guess we should wait(Canada)

Posted in: Galaxy Note

1.we can't get a new one yet2.a bad winter is coming free gift is not explore but huge burn5.u can be famous for a few time if u r the first one in Canada 6.if ur note 7 not burn in the next 20 will be too freeze to get any fi...

Recall Process (Canada)

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Anyone in Canada been through the recall process yet? Wondering if better/faster to have them ship direct to residence(or pick up in store).I was hoping to hold off for a few months and let the dust settle before swapping but today had a severe batte...

Posted by: Fatwa
Active Level 8

S Pen Faulty/Broken

Posted in: Galaxy Note

My S Pen does not work the way that it should.Instead of hovering, it acts as if it is continuously pressed. It makes handwriting not legible, and Mose S Pen features not usable. I contacted Samsung yesterday and was instructed to do a hard reset to ...

edge phones screen protector and case issues

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Anyone experiencing issues with keeping a screen protector on an edge phone with a case? I have a note 7 and the corners of the screen protector keep getting lifted by the case. I have tried different cases with no success. Anyone have a good (thin) ...

Posted by: zaxxon
Beginner Level 2

split screen

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I can't seem to figure out how to split screen a pdf file viewer with a calendar on Note 7. That option was available on Note 3 but it doesn't seem to be available on Note 7.wth

Posted by: raferaf
Beginner Level 2