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split screen

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I can't seem to figure out how to split screen a pdf file viewer with a calendar on Note 7. That option was available on Note 3 but it doesn't seem to be available on Note 7.wth

Posted by: raferaf
Beginner Level 2

pre order gift

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Still have not received my level box pro that I ordered through the Samsung promotion website over 2 weeks ago. The email said 1-2 weeks delivery I have also got no notice that it has shipped or anything. Help!

S health app question.

Posted in: Galaxy Note

good day,I was wondering if anyone had some luck to connect Fenix 3 with S Health app? I tried to pair the device and the s health does not see it. The fenix is connected with my note 7 using bleutooth. Thanks for your helpManos

Posted by: manos
Beginner Level 2

note 7 touch sensitivity issue

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I have been an avid galaxy user...i don't care about the battery on the note 7 as it does not affect all users and if it did affect my phone Samsung will fix it. The issue I have may never be fixed even though a lot of people are talking about it and...

Posted by: jake2
Active Level 1

recalled with Rogers what you can do

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi Mark, we have the following options in regards to the Note 7:1) Go to a Rogers store to send their device out for repair and we will provide them with a loaner device until their replacement device arrives. They can also choose to use their curren...

Posted by: vape
Active Level 9

I think my Note 7 is defective

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I'm worried about the screen edge on my phone. I think that i have the light leaking issue. also there is a considerable gap between the edge screen and the metal frame. I can press it down to narrow the gap so that's why I think it's a problem. it's...

S Pen too sensitivr

Posted in: Galaxy Note

How do I make my S Pen less sensitive. when I write in Notes or other apps with pen I get messy writing because it continues to make lines after I take pen off screen and makes tails in all letters making it messy.

Posted by: Trevor
Beginner Level 3

Calculator for Gear Fit 2?

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi, I'm looking for a working calculator app for gear fit 2 and nothing available. Also I realized apps for gear fit do not work for gear fit 2.All the apps for gear fit 2 are just bunch of faces. Nothing really useful. Any suggestions or just wait?

Posted by: Dallas
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Posted in: Galaxy Note

how to ceate à contact in exchange folder when on top left thé option of that adress is not there and you only ask to show that folder ???

S Health 5.0 sync with jawbone seems broken

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi all, since the update from what I believe was S Health v4.8 to v5.0 in mid August, sync of sleep data coming from my jawbone up3 going to S Health seems broken. I've tried reinstalling both the S Health app and the Jawbone app, but that did not su...