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my note 9

Posted in: Galaxy Note

The camera is reaaaaaaaaplly blurry after the update not sure what happened I restarted the phone not sure if I should soft reset my phone please help

Posted by: Zhavior
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WiFi calling disconnects

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I like the WiFi calling feature, because at some locations (like inside large Walmarts) there is no cell signal, but there is WiFi. However, having WiFi calling enabled creates a problem for me at my home. The cell signal in my house is up and down a...

Posted by: FrCraig
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more software updates

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I hope samsung will release a software updates for Camera such as better night mode, better stabilization, better image details, better dynamic range and true image colors specially for subject's face and skin. face smoothining and highlights are sti...

Posted by: Euman
Beginner Level 2

Mobile data is enabled on Wifi

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi Guys,Today, I'm facing a distinct connectivity issue on my note 9. Normally, whenever my phone connects to wifi it automatically disconnects mobile data but today I see both connectivity options enabled (mobile and wifi) unless i manually disable ...

Android 10 will the NOTE 8 get it?

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I think the note 8 as well as all of Samsung's infinity designed phones like s8 should receive Android 10. Reason being the design of the phones warrants getting the proper gesture navigation. If Samsung does push it out to these phones, man! I'd be ...

Posted by: Nickoy1
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Samsung messages app

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I love the Samsung messaging app however they need to enable a lot of features such as the ability to make phone calls and text message from your computer without having to connect it kind of like the way that Apple does continuity they've done it on...