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Samsung browser

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hello, I am a Samsung user and currently I have the Note 10 + except that when I use the Samsung Navigator the downloads are very slow however at home my internet speed is 120MB / S, at the beginning of the download is done quickly but After a few pe...

Posted by: mackad
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Samsung Weather Widget

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi All,I noticed ever since I updated my Note10+ to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 that the Samsung Weather Widget on my homescreen does not change my saved locations when I swipe up or down on it like it use to do on Android 9.0 with One UI 1.0. It's no...

carrier name on status bar

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi.I'd like to find out how to get the carrier name (e.g. Rogers) to display in the status/notification bar on Android.On iPhones you usually see the carrier name in the top left corner of the screen, that's what I want to get on my phone (Samsung Ga...

Posted by: Baspi
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Video Calling

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I cant seem to video call samsung to samsung through the stock phone app even though I have a note 10 plus thats updated to android 10. I have seen many people use that feature (similar to facetime but for samsung/android). Not sure how to enable thi...

Posted by: Khurrum
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GoodLock Task Changer

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Okay! Now we have Good lock support for Android 10 and Task changer worked again like charm and life is all good again UNTILL I find out that Android 10 animations are gone and are not there anymore like seriously? If it still doesnt have full Androi...

Note 10+ and Good Lock issue

Posted in: Galaxy Note

So since updating to Good Lock 2020 I've noticed an issue on my Note 10+, I'm no longer able able to swipe down from anywhere on the homescreen to open the notification panel.How do I know that Good Lock is the cause you may ask?Here's how: The issue...

Where's the scrollbar!?

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I just got a note 10 and, after attempting to read what seemed like a particularly long article with no end in sight, I realized that half my fatigue was that there actually was no end in sight!! - - What the flip happened to the scrollbar?? Is there...

Android Auto

Posted in: Galaxy Note

My Note 9 isn't working with Android Auto. I've read online that several others have same issue. I connect the Note 9 via the USB cable and open Android Auto app on my phone but nothing happens ony car screen. Please help