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Android Auto

Posted in: Galaxy Note

My Note 9 isn't working with Android Auto. I've read online that several others have same issue. I connect the Note 9 via the USB cable and open Android Auto app on my phone but nothing happens ony car screen. Please help

Can you give me the link ?

Posted in: Galaxy Note

In the French version of Samsung's Members, i can't see the tips and tricks from Samsung of any volume, can you give me the website links , i'd like to view those tips ...This is what i got when i click on it...

Posted by: Cassidy
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Samsung Note 8 (issues)

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi i dont know if everyone have this problem but i notice that i am not the only that have. I want to share it with you and want samsung to fix it at the same time. Here the problem. When i receive a call from someone or i call someone my speaker on ...

Best USB-C Headphones for call quailty

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I'm looking for a set of USB-C headphones that are top rated for call quality. Looking online, I'm having trouble finding a resource that specifically measures this.This would be for a business application as I take many skype meetings and conference...

Posted by: Fatwa
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using Note 10 spen with Note 8

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Anyone have any experience using a Note 10 spen on a Note 8? I've read it fits the Note 8, and that it charges when inserted in the Note 10, so not sure that will happen with the Note 8. Will it stop working if it doesn't get charged when inserted?

Motion Wallpapers

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi everyone,Has anyone else noticed that the Motion Wallpaper Feature has been removed in the Android 10 with One UI 2.0 update? I am using a Note10+.I hope Samsung will add this feature back again in another update.