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note 10+ update

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Anybody have insights on security update for the note 10+. Been more than a month since the last update, usually on the s10 it was a month more or less a day each month. Even on Fido/Rogers upgrade that has been solid updating the coming update and n...

Posted by: MAP
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Samsung AMEX promo

Posted in: Galaxy Note

So I got the Cobolt card, but how do I link it to my samsung account? It says you can get rewards and such if used at Samsung store, online, etc., but how do I associate the two?Any info would be cool.Thank you ^_^

Posted by: NasJiJi
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what if you end up not using Care+

Posted in: Galaxy Note

So I got the new note 10+ 512gb version pre order with care+ directly from Samsung. I keep my phone in phone case with screen protector, so I dont think I will end up breaking since it doesnt have a single scrach yet. Wandering if they can send me a ...


Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hello. I have my note 10 plus bought from samsung used initially with Roger's. In an effort to get rcs I changed the CSC to bell and finally got the chat setting option. Even with the option, my chats are still being sent as text messages with data a...

app pairing and multi window

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi,Why did you guys merge the app pairing in the edge? What if we want to use multi window without having to go through other apps like edge? You guys done this with single tap. I had to activate a useless feature to get only one feature I use

Posted by: ToddMan
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