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Developer Options

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What is Disable HW Overlays? Anyone can explain? I turned on Force GPU Rendering and Force 4x MSAA to get the best gaming result. Will Disable HW Overlays to anything? And what is it? Should i turn it on?

note 10 got problem for mobile data ?

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Been used for 2 months now. I join fb group for malaysian note 10 user. Read some said note 10 got slow connections for mobile data. I realize its true. Btw its malaysian model using exynos not snapdragon.So is this true or just my feeling?If true wh...

Posted by: Yeb
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otg pen drive

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Hi, I noticed that some time back, after an update, the option to eject the OTG pen drive disappeared from the notification. Does this mean that ejecting the otg is not required? Anyone has an answer? Please share.Or am I missing out on a particular ...

Battery Health

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How do i check for my battery health on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9? I tried some apps like Antutu and Battery Doctor and they seem to be inaccurate. Any suggestion?