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Galaxy Unpacked August 2020: Livestream

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Witness power like never before. The #SamsungEvent is LIVE. Learn more: To view the YouTube streams on a desktop or laptop computer you'll need: • Most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge or Safari • Operati...

Update Oct 2020

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Update for Samsung Members today too. No longer region locked. I had difficulties from before the update as the language was localized. Now everything is better.

Samsung Note 9 screen discoloration

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Please help guys on my samsung note 9 sudden screen discoloration. I heard that this was caused by March 2020 update a bug attached by Samsung deliberately.. and i heard about the FOC screen change. Issue is i bought this at Qatar.. and cant go back ...

5g device

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Hope samsung will offer free upgrade of 4g capable device to 5g of the same unit, like samsung galaxy note 10+ 4g to samsung galaxy note 10+ 5g.

downloading apps

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Hi guys! Seem to have difficulties downloading certain apps into my note20 ultra, e.g., Samsung Health Monitor, Keys Cafe, etc. Current country location seems to be the problem? Any help here? 😀

Posted by: njncIII
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Live Focus on Note 9

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Some Taro indulgence while replying to client emails and reviewing document drafts tens of kilometers away from the office... thanks to all the scientists and engineers who made this possible today!

Posted by: JojoL
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