Beginner Level 3
On my older Galaxy S (3? 4?), the alarms were listed in order of the days of the week (Sun -> Sat) then by time, in chronological order within each day, eg: 
Sun 09:00a
Sun 05:00p
Mon 06:00a
Tue 06:00a
Wed 06:00a
Wed 03:15p
Wed 08:30p
Thu 06:00a
Fri 06:00a
Fri 01:00p
Sat 11:00a
Sat 02:30p

Currently, on the S7, alarms are listed by time, regardless of the day of the week (starting with the following the day you saved the alarm). The same alarms listed above, saved on a Tue, now look like this; 
06:00a Wed
06:00a Thu
06:00a Fri
06:00a Mon
06:00a Tue
09:00a Sun
11:00a Sat
01:00p Fri
02:30p Sat
03:15p Wed
05:00p Sun
08:30p Wed

This is just a ridiculous set-up. Is there anyway to change back to the previous, sensible format? Via some secret settings, or by an patch for individual users, or with the next update?

If anyone can provide any useful info, it would be appreciated. Thank you