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I use samsung calendar app a lot and I have all my client's bookings in it. But yesterday ,after the system update ,tha app just randomly deleted the half of my bookings. Not only the previous ones,the future ones as well. I had a miniature stroke with a heart attack. Than I tried to find my data in samsung cloud,but obviously it was not there( otherwise it would have been synchronized by email address back up or what so ever). Not to mentione that I have a whole year missing from last year July (my client turn over-name by name,what helps me to track what is my income day by day)backwards.I have never seen an app working like this. GUYS,YOU NEED TO SORT YOURSELF OUT,because it is unacceptable. My business depends on your app,I lose money if things are happening like this.And it's not about your dignity or if I want more storage space I need to pay for it(don't tell me this,because Google calendar is capable to keep 2-3 years of bookings) It's about the principal that how difficult you made my life for 2 hours ,after I realised that the half of my data is missing. 

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Any chance at some point you starting entering your appointments in Google calendar instead of samsung? The Samsung Calendar app lets you view and edit multiple calendars (from Samsung, Google, etc). So maybe they are stored in a different calendar?
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EXACTLY what I was going to say. I put all my dates into Googke and then merge them in the Samsung one. Relying on one thing is always a set up for failure. Every business owner worth their salt knows you have a plan b and a contingency plan.
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Use a calendar account next time. Never had issues with S Calendar using my MS EAS (Outlook) email. By default you might be saving locally instead of in an account