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I feel like I've android P with this! Love the customization.

To get this, download badlock and then go apk mirror to download plugins. Search Samsung.

Few things I like:

I can remove the clock icon!
Remove 2 battery icons (๐Ÿ”‹ and % and just get my own app).
New edge lighting is great.
Love one touch shortcut on lock screen. Perfect for camera and flashlight.

Things I don't like and suggestions:
Routines pops up in notification bar always, so I had to disable notification for it. Not sure if it will allow routines to work.
I want the signal strength bar, but not LTE icon. Can't remove that without both.

I wish I could remove apps icon from status bar but still have the app running in background. Perhaps remove icon from status bar but keep in notification when you slide.

On the lock screen, you can't see notification in details. Have to press icon for notification bar to pull down to see anything. You can see in third picture. Doesn't allow for quick view of notification without having to press icon. Why not just show notifications in the middle?

I can't show in screenshot, but when you press task viewer, it shows you previous app by default instead one you're currently one. It'll be better if it shows the current one as I'm more likely to use that app as popup or multi view then previous app.

In fourth picture you can see the colors do not extend to notifications like they used to in good lock 2016. Would be nice to extend them.

Need black theme for settings! 80b665bf-5eec-4c8e-a826-06e956dc9866.jpg
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Is it possible to just get the edge lightning?? I don't want any of these features, I just want the edge lighting..
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Just install the apk for Edge Lighting
Hey @Google, thanks a lot for sharing with us!

- Wonchul