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Samsung and Google need to look more in depth about people accessing and having your data being sent to them and or saved on a database.. used to spy on every app and personal information (texts, Facebook messages, email, banking, location and even your camera and video being taken without your knowledge).

As i have been inquiring about this multiple times with Samsung and Google... They both said they don't know what is happening and almost made me feel as if I was seeing something that was not there...

I have now found proof that someone (ex) is monitoring my device and on a timer.. regardless of me stopping the services, it just restarts again every 13 seconds...

I was able to see this in my user certificates and Google settings diagnostics.. noticing that there is a Firebased storage certificate as well as GLM storage.. which I do not use either as well as others that are given proof of device monitoring..

Google play services eats up 100% of my data... so I thought.. But looking more into the app details... it has been modified and the path is now Googleplayservices.deamonapp.
there are backups running that I have never set up... my Bluetooth will connect out of the blue without me doing so or having any Bluetooth devices near by that I am aware of.. I will turn off Bluetooth when I see it start up and look into which app is connecting with it.. And it shows me Mirrorlink ...... And i have done multiple default factory resets on my device to try and avoid all of this.. And it has not stopped it and this is also without me restoring my device after the reset... I sometimes haven't even logged into my Google account at all yet..

Just very odd and disturbing..
Samsung and Google .. please look into having more security with intruders being able to access our info and especially being able to if you share the same home Wi-Fi with the person monitoring you... being able to "backdoor" your phone or access it via IMEI or phone number.. there are a lot of ways I'm sure.. But it has to stop somewhere as I have been trying to get answers and I have not received anything that helps me with my device issue..
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I m feel like this was already posted a while ago. Firebase and GLM are part of Google Play Services. Firebase is used by normal apps for various reasons
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I don't know exactly what you are going through but a similar thing is happening to me. I have no real programming skill so I haven't been able to look into it the way you have. This was actually the reason I upgraded my phone when the S8+ was launched. I figured I'd gain security through a new device but that hasn't been the case. My soon to be ex had told me very specific things related to my phone conversations and texts. She has messaged people in regards to things I was to attend that I told no one about and the people have come back and told me. She further went on to tell me that everything I say and do is tracked and that a package was left on her desk at her job. She claims it's my work and based on things I've heard at work I believe it. However seeing that my phone is always physically on me I don't understand how. I'm assuming they've hacked into my email and pulled the imei number from a carrier set up email but otherwise I'm absolutely clueless.