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After the recent update (I believe) a message pop up at frequent times a day on my phone which says Settings keep closing,  but settings isn't really closing when I'm using the settings app but it just pop up randomly that the app is closing, I drop my phone down and got it replaced,  so after updating my new phone to the latest version the same thing is happening. Samsung please fix this and give us a new update, 

Thank you .
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Known issue - Here's how to fix it:

This has proven to be the solution for anyone who is having "Settings has Stopped" 🐧

Yeah it's a known issue - One of the Night Mode QS Tiles crashes & the other one doesn't - Edit the QS Tiles to Remove the one that Crashes from the QS Tiles View🐧

I BOOTED straight into RECOVERY after applying the OTA & WIPED CACHE - I never saw Settings Crash 🕊️
fwiw - I enabled Night Mode from Developer Options.