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Screen protector

Posted in: Galaxy S

I just got an S20 and wondering if someone can recommend what is the best screen protector for it ? I've heard it's tricky because it may affect the fingerprint recognition.Thx a lot !

Posted by: richiev
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Downgrade One UI 2.5

Posted in: Galaxy S

HI,I am using Samsung S20+ Exynos version. Is there a way to downgrade from One UI 2.5 To 2.1.Google camera is not working with UI 2.5 and Samsung stock front camera processing is horrible.Will downgrading affect my warranty.

Upcoming Updates

Posted in: Galaxy S

Telus has updated their list of future updates Samsung GS10eNov 2Security update Samsung GS10Nov 2Security update Samsung GS10+Nov 2Security update Samsung Note8Nov 2Security update Samsung XCover ProNov 3Security updateSamsung Note9Nov 3Optimization...

Posted by: Ray2
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AR emoji editor

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi all,I was wondering how come the Aaron emoji editor is only available as an APK. I don't find it on Google play or Samsung store? Wanted to try the update. Any idea? Thanks.

Posted by: piman
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Camera S20 plus slow motion Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hello. I was playing with my camera and I noticed something weird. As you can see at the video when I change to slow motion and super slow motion the camera gets barker and blurry and with lower resolution. And when I am one video and tap the super s...


Posted in: Galaxy S

I have the new s20 ultra and took photos that directly were no saved into the gallery. does anyone know how to recover the photos? They were there at first but then disappeared.

Posted by: Lisser
Beginner Level 2

Resound quattro hearing aids

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi, I have the Galaxy S10 & resound Linx Quattro hearing aids, everything I have read on the resound website tells me I should be able to stream music through the phone to the aids, I also have the smart app 3d, which I uninstalled and reinstalled, a...

Posted by: geezar
Beginner Level 2

Deleted steps

Posted in: Galaxy S

I have a problem with deleting steps.My phone counts steps normally, but when the next day comes he deletes steps from yesterday.Why is it happening, and how can I keep my steps in memory? Thank you

unable to send text messages

Posted in: Galaxy S

Ok so my son and I both upgraded our phones to Samsung S20 and S20 ultra. Everything was working fine for the first month, then a few weeks ago I went to send a text message and it failed. My son was the same. I kept trying sometimes it went through ...

Posted by: meeeow
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LED smart case LED doesn't light up

Posted in: Galaxy S

I have the S20 +, got it with a smart LED case. Now when I use the camera, the animations that were supposed to be on the back of the phone (case), don't light up. I even replaced the case and I still have the same issue. The animations for volume an...

Network issues/weak signal

Posted in: Galaxy S

for about a week or 2. my s20 (got it at launch) has been having super weak signal and network. When im at work i am lucky if i get 1 bar. inside. outside i get 5g its meh. at home im fine. using it on transit, i get "no internet available", "no inte...

Posted by: FTI4
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Removing Contacts

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hey, I have my work email on my phone. Unfortunately it synced all of my work contacts as well which I do not want. I turned off sync for contacts but they are still there. Can I just delete these contacts now? I am worried about losing my work conta...

Samsung Notes Uncatergorized Notes?

Posted in: Galaxy S

How can I view my uncategorized notes? Since the update, there's no option and now I can't organize anything. I don't mean the uncoverted notes or the converted notes or w/e. I mean the notes that have yet to be assigned to a folder. My notes, 3k+, i...

Posted by: thebear
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google play Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi..since google play is no more operational in SamsungGalaxy s10 there any substitute for my personal download music library so i can play via blue thooth on my car..thank you in advance.