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I'm using Inbox on both my S7 phone and my Galaxy Tab A. The last couple of weeks, I have been getting 2 copies of every email message I send showing up in my sent folder on both devices. Is this happening to anyone else?

I need to play my music

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Please help! What apps are availsble to play FULL songs that I have saved on my Shazam....that are FREE?I have been directed to YouTube, Google Music, Spotify etc....all cost. There has to be an app that I can use for free. Right????

Question for CHMultimedia

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So you said that CSKN was the latest build for Android 10 on the S10 right? I checked the fota and it says CSK0. Does that mean that they're still fixing bugs? Also, Fido updated their listings- Supposedly the S8, S9, N8, & N9 are all supposed to get...


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How do I move the notification bar up or down on my lock screen??? I cant believe an answer for something simple like this cannot be found on the internet...

google bypass

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how can i bypass google after i factory reset my phone i forgot my gmail password and im locked out of the phone

Posted by: frony
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mise à jour

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J'ai un S6 et je suis incapable de faire la mise à jour. J'ai la version 7.0. Je lance la mise à jour via les paramètres et sa ne fonctionne pas. Merci

Further evidence on One UI 2 coming on 12/16

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Koodo has updated their schedule to say the same date, so far that means Koodo & Telus will (supposedly) get it on the 16th. Nothing from Rogers or Fido yet.Koodo:

touch screen issues - S9 plus

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I am unable to answer calls with the swipe option and hv to use the up/down buttons to answer calls.I also cannot swipe/tap the dismiss/snooze buttons on my alarm app.The touchscreen is unresponsive.However, I have no issues with the touchscreen when...

Messaging app

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Really annoyed that the s10e messaging app won't allow us to see full messages. This "view all" nonsense is a waste of time, just show me the whole message! At least give me the option to turn this function off..The fact that so many customers have c...

Posted by: ajdxl
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