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samsung s7 edge appel automatiquement rejeté

Posted in: Galaxy S

Bonjour, une personne ayant un telephone avec numero privé (policier) qui essaie de m'appeller me dit que ceci tombe sur ma boite vocale.en regardant mon historique , je remarque avoir reçu l'appel mais que mon cellulaire a rejeté l'appel automatique...

Samsung Geometric Shape Contest

Posted in: Galaxy S

I think the Samsung key is borderline functional art. It reminds Me of an S&S carburetor air cleaner, from when I was putting together American Choppers. We used to call the air cleaners "Teardrops", that's what I call My S9 key for Sammy, My current...

Bypass carriers for software update

Posted in: Galaxy S

Why can't Samsung bypass the carriers when pushing software updates. I understand they (the carriers) are supposed to "test" to make sure it works with their network. But honestly, is this really necessary when Samsung already test it out? Why isn't ...

Posted by: erwin
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live wallpapers Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hello all, I recently downloaded a live wallpaper for the first time on my galaxy s10 plus from the google play store(blob live wallpaper). Has anyone that uses live wallpapers notice a decline in battery life or lag issues with ram being eaten up on...

Posted by: mozy
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Texting with pictures

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi, I just got an S10 upgrading from an S8+! One of the things I absolutely LOVE in the camera. However I am having a problem when I text someone and try to attach a picture, it fails. The first time it happened I thought that it was because it was a...

Samsung October Security Patch

Posted in: Galaxy S

Any ideas when Canada would be receiving the October security patch that enables Galaxy S10 devices the ability to use DeX on PC like the Note 10+? I couldn't find any info online but saw that others in the USA got it already.Bought a Samsung Noteboo...

mobile data quick menu toggle gone

Posted in: Galaxy S

You should have this feature regardless of the mobile carrier. I don't care about close door deals. I just want to buy a phone and have it be better then the last. Samsung is next in line then, just another big tech company making their product worse...

Posted by: bkbdude
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Remove Theme Android 9

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hello, I want to try dark mode but I have a theme applied. There's NO option to remove theme or set to default. Can someone help me out?Galaxy S9+ running Android 9

Dark Mode

Posted in: Galaxy S

I really love the dark mode feature on playstore and instagram. There isnt specific option for dark mode on Instagram but i love how when i turn my dark mode on and instgram and play store goes dark too. Now, I really wish samsung put that dark mode ...

Posted by: arsal
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Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi everyone just curious I tried an update and got this error I have no idea why. I was a longtime user of IPhones but have switched over and I love this phone Galaxy S10Plus


Posted in: Galaxy S

The web browser is showing an error when trying to update.. any suggestions? Tried a number of ways..

Posted by: miinan
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Data Manager on the Edge screen panel

Posted in: Galaxy S

I've had a problem for months now about my data manager edge panel not seeming to be working properly. I had turned the manager on in settings and despite what I did it did not want to work. I've reset my phone multiple times and tried to see if ther...