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voip with native phone

Posted in: Galaxy S

Someone know how to use voip with the native phone on s7? I want this to use the bluetooth mode in my car and want to respond with my car's button. If you know another way, you can tell me too. Thanks!

download files

Posted in: Galaxy S

I used to be able to download pictures or 'word' documents on my s6 but the last while I can't? it notes "saved to documents-downloads " but nothing is there? help

Posted by: timber
Beginner Level 2

water damage scam

Posted in: Galaxy S

I had sent my S7 back Samsung and they told me that it had been water damaged I refused for them to repair it for $600 and got them to return it. I went to another authorized Samsung Service Center and I videotape the technician take my phone apart a...

Posted by: slurp
Active Level 2

"Always On" problem

Posted in: Galaxy S

I love my Galaxy S7edge, except for "Always On" (AO) problem. I have to wait about 10 seconds for AO to turn "on" after I pull phone out of my pocket. I have not turned "on" the option to prevent apps from turning "on" while in pocket or purse. Pleas...


Posted in: Galaxy S

hi I have Samsung Galaxy 7 it's just 2 month old and it has been working well until today .the phone suddenly turn off by it self I thought might be no charge and when i charge it . it didn't respond then I try volume down button and the power button...

KNOX taking 25% of battery

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi. can someone please tell me how to get rid of this KNOX thing? i don't have Samsung KNOX downloaded so i don't know why this is here. if you look at the bottom of the attachment, you can see its taking 5% of battery. It was actually taking 25% unt...

Posted by: wsk03
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s7 edge always on display update

Posted in: Galaxy S

great looks like samsung made the note 7 always on display updates available for the s7 edge.bad news...I updated my phone and selected the layout that should display notifications but it doesn't work! I tried everything to sending numerous...

Posted by: d4rrell
Beginner Level 2

cant see my email

Posted in: Galaxy S

i have the s6edge . i used to be able to look at my pay stubs online now after the update it wont let me open it how do i change the adobe reader or office to make it work again?

Sound cuts out on Youtube

Posted in: Galaxy S

I've only recently started having a problem with sound cutting out while watching youtube videos. if I pause and restart the sound starts working again but it's almost unusable sometimes. is there a fix for this?