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S20 Wallpapers now available

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Morning guys, Xda just posted leaked S20 wallpapers for us to download. There are 8 in total, but technically 4 with different orientations 😅 There's a chance too that the S20 will come with the colours of the wallpapers.         Source: https://www...

Android 10

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I hace checked every day for the system update to android 10 but still don't get any update for my galaxy s9+......did samsung want to give the update end of this month or next month....hmmmm

Leaked photos of S20+ 5G

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Around a month to go until the official launch, MaxWinebach leaked photos of the S20+ 5G which confirms the middle punch-screen and the 5 cameras (at least for the highest variant). The bezels seems to be reduced as well! 🤗 Who's excited and plannin...

Customize notification

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi guys is there a way that I can customize notification for different app like iphone like for some app I dont want to have pop up and sound I just want it to appear in the notification tray silently

battery s10+

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Guys, have u having same problem as me after update the latest software.. your battery too hot when charging & when u used camera such as video for recording battery getting hotter then cannot record the video.