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Hi.It has been a week since I got my new Samsung Galaxy, and I was pretty bothered by its battery. At 4500 mAh, my expectations are of course, high.One night, before sleeping, I disabled my Wifi and Bluetooth to save power and surprisingly the next m...

Anyone experienced this on their phones?

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I just noticed this last night, apart from the video call blinking, there's an orange line around the edges of my screen while watching anime on my browser. Screenshots below. Just on topJust on topOn the left and top edgeOn the left edge.P.S. I've t...

S20+ dead pixel

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Has anyone experienced having dead pixel/s on their screen? The phone was tested out when I bought it but we didn't test dimming the screen light, and only then did the dead pixel appear (noticed a week or two after). It is still under warranty, woul...

S20 Ultra Display issues

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Hello!I have recently updated my phone with the latest firmware and i noticed that the transition is not the smooth anymore. I also noticed that there are lines whenever I scroll down or switch apps. Anyone who experienced the same issue?

Blink/flickering/Glitching screen

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Hello po, magandang araw po! Baka po may makasagot po sa tanong ko, kasi po yung samsung ko po s7 edge po, nag biblink po siya everytime na i oopen q siya. Ngayon po nagagamit ko then if i-locked ko siya tas i-on ko ulit may lumalabas na green and bl...

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Twitter Issue with Galaxy S20+

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Do you guys experience this?:When opening Twitter app, sometimes it asks to log in but if you close it in multi-tasking pane and re-open it already loads your account?This is annoying since I have to close and re-open Twitter app just to access my ac...


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Im happy with the mobile (S10+) it been nearly 1 and half years since i bought it, no problem except for the battery draining since its exynos chip set i can understand.

Freebies of S20 ULTRA 5G

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Finally!!! I just received today my Freebies Samsung Tab A 8.0 & 128gb SanDisk 😍😍😍i bought my phone last July 31... i waited for 2 months for my freebies to came 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for my long patience of waiting 😅😅😅🥰🥰🥰Thank you Samsung Chat &...