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Ok so I see Samsung commercials and people going what phone is that by apple users. I never believed it can happen in real.

So last month I was flying to Croatia and I was snapping some pics out of window and was able to use pro mode to reduce shutter speed and get nice sunset view. So this iphome user goes what phone is that and asked me how can I get the pro thing for her iPhone. 

I said to her go settings of camera (and it didn't have). So we went in settings to find camera settings but it didn't have pro mode. So she was left with pretty basic stuff, like changing the pic ratio etc lol. I told her when u get off flight, just download some pro camera software with the most downloads. 

I also think the notch is defining feature of S10, as much as it's annoying. Anyone can tell I've S10 when they see it. Whereas someone having Huawei, Sony, or s8 or S9, it's hard to tell what phones they're using. So I like how unique S10 is and stands out from the crowd. 

Of course some other phones have the same notch as Samsung, but people would rather think they're S10 by default lol. 

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iPhone users i find alot of the time are so amazed at android phones. they say "well my iPhone can do this" and my response a lot of the time is "Galaxy phones were able to do that a few years ago". Another one I got was "well did you know about Apple's new screen that they have"? then i say to them "yeah that panel is made by Samsung" 😂
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1 thing I can say about iPhone is I rarely needed a restart or wipe cache/data. But as far as functionality my note 9 kicks asses 🤪🙃👍
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its crazy how many times I take night shots and an iphone user looks at my picture compared to theirs and they are blown away!!