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touch the screen and a blue circle shows up under my finger, back button by tap duration does not work, home button does not work, previous screen button does not work. press the power button to restart and get a blue circle around where i pressed. press and hold to go into safe mode, safe mode icon shows up but does not go into safe mode. only solution i can think of is to do a factory reset. i have had my s10e for 4 days. think i go a lemon, found that samsung chat support is down, i tired it on both chrome and firefox, so i have emailed there support people to try and fix it

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Factory reset is definetly inorder and if that doesn't fix anything take it back for a different device.


You shouldn't be having these problems with a new phone.

Community Manager

Hey @Samsung_wruJRla,


That definitely shouldn't be happening with a new device... I'm so sorry that your S10e experience has been less-than-pleasant thus far. Please let me know how your chat with support goes! If you aren't able to get your issue fixed, feel free to reach out to me and I'll connect you directly with our service team 😊