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New features idea

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One time while I was playing on a 3ds, a pop-up appeared saying I should take a break after 15 minutes of gaming but that was just a Mario kinda game.But phone games are as addicting as smoking cigarettes and some people goes completely crazy because...

Posted by: Frozzen
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Slash Dash Samurai - Beta

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Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is appropriate to post but a few of my buddies from University launched their first ever game on Play Store! Its currently in early access and they would love some honest feedback on it! The game is super clean and ...

Rreview of calculator

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Me tried calculator. Is a very porpulare game with billion of installayions of all computer and phone.Interface minimalist.Performancr good 60 f p s even on j1 mini primeStory you make ur own stotey so unlimiteed possible.Gameplay repeatedive.Hours o...