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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code

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Salut tous le monde est-ce que quelqu'un a reçu le code au Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offert par Samsung ? Je sais que sa devait arriver entre le 15/09 et le 15/10 car d'après certains on devait le recevoir 15 jours après la réception du Controller Moga...

Posted by: Sebio26
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Samsung or Google

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Which is a better system option to use. In my Samsung galaxy S10E. There is still Gmail and google play systems. What's the difference. If I download a game in Galaxy store. Does it cancel out my game profile I already created with google play?

Posted by: MAKOONZ
Beginner Level 3

Screen Recording Samsung S10+

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The latest update has removed the screen recorder button in the Game Booster section at the bottom of the screen. Been using it for 4-5 month's without issue and now it's no where to be found... Been looking through the very few available settings, a...

#1 三星電子和手機

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。在加拿大寻找我的手呼喚手機用戶端口有问提?,俄我的电话 4168202110 Email me ㅂㅈㄷ괖 그냥 내 마음 4168202110 Email me ㅂㅈㄷ괖 그냥 내 마음

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