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hello to other Samsung users!

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Samsung A80 po gamit ko, paano po mapagana internal audio using earphone? pubg mobile irrecord ko or i live tream ko sana pero hnd gumagana internal audio? Nag play namn audio lang wala po.

low fps ingame

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Im suffering a huge framedrop in all games, btw i have samsung galaxy a71 and im unable to change resolution display settings..

Posted by: RNG1
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Framerate drop

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Im experiencing a stuttering and low fps on minecraft, pls @moderator HALP ME!!!!My phone is samsung galaxy A71 my fps will sometimes drop to 23 then jump to 38

COD mobile

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While playing ingame, screen goes black suddenly, but i still have the control and can hear through my earphones. Any ideas how to prevent this? Thanks in advance.

Posted by: jowin
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HFR mode a30s Resolved!

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Guys ask ko lang sa mga A30s user dyan kung meron ng HFR mode ung Mobile Legends nyo? Naibalik na ba simula mag update into android 10?

Posted by: Ihooo
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Hi Mr/MsI don't why it's keep rebooting when I'm playing Mobile Legends Bang bang. I already done anything force restart, resetting network. But it keeps rebooting all the time when I'm in game.Any recommendations or solutions for thisThank you so mu...

Hi samsung users

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Ako lang ba nakakaranas na mag-lag ang smartphone especially gaming performance like mobile legends, pagtapos mag-update ng software android 10?enyone guys help give me tips to avoid about issue