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ASUS ROG Gaming Phone

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Posted by: ayad
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Weather App

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Who asked for videos and radar on the weather app?! Put useful info instead on that app like windspeed?!! You know windchill **bleep**!!

Get paid to walk around

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I lived in Canada all my life. I'm use to the long dreadful but fun winters lol

Posted by: SAB69
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Ask a expert

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To @Jeremy_from_samsung or to the EXPERTS ?Je ne sais pas ou envoyer ce post car même en le traduisant les informations ne sont pas claires puisqu'aucun des modérateurs Samsung ne parlent FRANÇAIS...1- QUAND Y AURA-T-IL DES MODÉRATEURS OU DES SUPERUS...

Posted by: Cassidy
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data toogle

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why doesn't Samsung America doesn't provide a toggle switch to turn off data in the notification tab just like other Samsung phones in Asia #membersmonday

Posted by: snafoo
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Ask An Expert: Top 2 Question

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Wi-Fi Issue This has been asked many times in the forum, that whenever the phone is on standby the wifi is being disconnected even if you have a fast internet subscription. This happens to me too, but was fixed maybe by a software update, I'm not sur...

Ask an Expert: 7 questions

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I have few questions that I'd like answers for:1. As many of us already posted, Mobile Data tile should be there no matter what carrier we use. This is not a question but just suggestion.2. Why can't I delete some preloaded Apps which I never use? Fo...

Posted by: Jay777
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